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The wonder of Kenya is that you will arrive with one image of Africa and depart with quite another.

Tailor-Made & Luxury Holidays to Kenya

Your image of Africa is most probably that of Kenya. The vast savannah stretching off into the horizon with only the occasional acacia tree to break the landscape.

Straddling the Equator, Kenya is the cradle of civilization and home to the Maasai people who migrated to this part of the world from Nile basin. Now travellers come to Kenya to visit the Maasai Mara, a large national park teaming with wildlife that stands comparison with the Serengeti in neighbouring Tanzania. 

Luxury safari camps and eco-lodges vie for your attention, and you can always support one of the many organisations supporting vital conservation work during your Kenya holidays, ensuring that the benefit of your visit remains long after you return home.

The Mara is just one of the many national parks in the country which makes Kenya ideal for any safari.

But Kenya touring holidays are not just about going on a safari. The capital Nairobi has a national park within sight of its towering skyscrapers, where more than 50 endangered black rhino seek refuge.

Away from the flat savannah, Kenya has in Mount Kenya the second highest peak, after Kilimanjaro on the continent. Climb to the summit at Point Lenana and cast your eyes down on the Equator waiting beneath you.

In the north of the country, bordering Ethiopia, Lake Turkana is home to a mix of peoples and well worth your exploration. 

The Lamu archipelago is perhaps the most evocative of Kenya’s charms. Wander through the colourful backstreets of the Unesco listed Lamu Town or discover the lesser visited Kiwayu Island by a traditional dhow.

The wonder of Kenya is that you will arrive with one image of Africa and depart with quite another.

Discover Kenya

“You know you are truly alive when you’re living among lions.” – Karen Blixen, Out of Africa

Let us guide you to some of the most epic wildlife locations on earth. Experience close encounters with Africa’s ‘big five’ – lion, elephant, rhino, leopard and buffalo – and feel the essence of the continent running through your veins.

Why not begin your Kenya safari by sharing breakfast with the rare Rothschild’s giraffe. Afterwards, journey to see rhino in numbers found nowhere else in East Africa. 

discover Giraffe manor

Giraffe Manor’s popularity has soared to new heights since it featured on tv and in other media recently, so what better way to commence a wonderful safari and/or beach trip in Kenya. 

Best known for the most unforgettable bucket-list breakfast in the world, Karen and James have been lucky enough to have experienced this magical hotel recently… here we find out all about their trip, top tips and first-hand knowledge to this iconic and highly-sought after bucket-list destinations.

Discover Sala's Camp Maasai Mara

Sala’s Camp is renowned for delivering an authentic safari experience with exceptional personalised service and fine dining. It seamlessly combines a traditional ‘under canvas’ safari experience with contemporary comfort, including private plunge pools and glass fronted tents.

Are you excited to explore some of the wildlife and scenery? No need to wait, Karen and James have just returned from an amazing safari experience and share with us their adventure through Maasai Mara.

Places to visit in Kenya

Home to one of the most densely concentrated collection of wildlife on the planet, the Maasai Mara is teeming with lions, zebras, elephants, giraffes, leopards, cheetahs, crocodiles and many other species. Most dramatic during the mass migration of a million wildebeest from July to October, it is still spectacular at any time and an absolute must on your Kenya touring holidays.

If elephants are your beast then Amboseli National Park in the south of the country is the place for you, with snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro as a majestic backdrop.

Away from all the spectacular wildlife, Lamu is a place full of enchantment, with wonderful Swahili doors and colourful buildings close to spectacular beaches and the glorious Indian Ocean.

Climbing Mount Kenya is a challenge lying in wait for you. Pack some warm clothes and accept the four-day hike to the frozen summit.

If that sounds too exhausting than hike into Kakamega Forest, which is as full of birdlife and butterflies as the Maasai Mara is with big game.

While in the north of the country beautiful Lake Turkana is well worth a visit, especially with the perfect volcanic cone Teleki rising from its tranquil waters.

Kenyan Experiences

The highlight of Kenya touring holidays has to be going on a safari. The obvious venue for your Kenya safari is the Maasai Mara, especially during the annual migration of the wildebeest between July and October. This is an amazing sight.

The Mara is by no means the only national park in Kenya. In the south of the country Amboseli National Park is noted for its elephants, while Tsavo West National Park is a wonderful place to spot lions lazing against the red soil. Lake Nakuru National Park is the place to go in Kenya if you want to see tree-climbing lions, the highly-endangered Rothschild’s giraffes and rhinos.

Step back in time on your Kenya safari, at the Meru National Park where George Adamson’s Born Free was conceived. Here you will discover quiet trails with the possibility of bumping into wildlife when you least expect it.

If you prefer stunning natural landscapes over wildlife, then visit Hell’s Gate National Park with dramatic red cliffs and the deep canyons of the Rift Valley. 

Serious walkers should consider taking on the four-day hike to the summit of Mount Kenya, the highest point in the country. However, if this sounds a bit of a tall order, then Mount Longonot might be more for you. A 90-minute hike takes you to the rim of the most beautiful volcanic crater with spectacular views of the Rift Valley and down to Hell’s Gate National Park.

Kenya is not just about wildlife and mountains. Lamu is one of the most bewitching towns on the African continent. The colourful streets and rich architectural heritage were sufficient to persuade Unesco to list the town, and the nearby islands seem as if lost in time. 

The Kenyan coastline is among the pettiest in Africa. Roughly halfway between Mombasa and Lamu, Watamu makes a great base to discover the area with its fine white sands, while you indulge in the water sports. 

Or to really escape from it all, sail to the isle of Wasini in a traditional dhow. Once there snorkel in Kisite Marine National Park and explore the wonderful marine life, or immerse yourself in the Swahili culture.

You see perhaps Kenya is not quite as you imagined it after all.

Best time to visit Kenya

Visiting Kenya in January

January is the hottest month and this means you can see the wonderful wildlife without having to jostle with all your fellow tourists. The seas are also clear.

Visiting Kenya in February

Temperatures are still high, but at least it is dry, and the soaring heat is likely to deter most tourists.

Visiting Kenya in March

The rains start to arrive, but wildlife viewing is still good, especially with the arrival of so many newborns.

Visiting Kenya in April

April is not the best month to travel around Kenya as some lodges close, and the roads become treacherous. The coast is hot and wet.

Visiting Kenya in May

The rains continue throughout May, and with many places still closed, this is not the best month to visit Kenya.

Visiting Kenya in June

As the rains abate, the landscape dons an amazing green hue. Wildlife spotting is more tricky, but Kenya is at its most beautiful.

Visiting Kenya in July

July is a great month to visit Kenya as it marks the start of the Maasai Mara mass migration. Also, the coolest month, tourism numbers start to climb.

Visiting Kenya in August

August is peak tourism season in Kenya and the height of the Maasai Mara migration. Safari watching is wonderful as the animals congregate around waterholes.

Visiting Kenya in September

As the weather continues to remain dry, September is another popular month for going on a safari in Kenya especially as viewing opportunities are still grand.

Visiting Kenya in October

Temperatures rise and the occasional shower breaks the dry season. Wildlife begins to migrate from the Mara, but with low visitor numbers this is a great month to see Kenya.

Visiting Kenya in November

Kenya’s short rainy season commences as the temperatures continue to rise. Some places start to close especially around Laikipia.

Visiting Kenya in December

December is the peak of the rainy season. Hot and humid, Kenya is also green and beautiful and there is still plenty of wildlife to be viewed.


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