Sustainable Business Travel

At Meon Valley Travel, we want to to enable the world to go on travelling, to meet in-person, to experience different cultures and to learn new and more productive ways to do business in a way that can, with time and the participation of our clients, create a more climate positive future for us all.

For Clients

Through Meon’s partnership with Trees4Travel we offer a simple and effective solution whereby the emissions relating to any air, rail, hotel and car hire travel we book can be captured, reported, and then offset through carefully selected and verified tree planting schemes.

At Meon we are fully committed to mitigating ours and the travel industry’s environmental impact and enabling you to help achieve yours too. 

How Many trees will i need?

London – Paris
+ 3 Hotel Nights

1 Tree

LA – Vegas
+ 2 Hotel Nights

2 Trees

New York – Cancun
+ 1 Week Villa Rental

6 Trees

Sustainable Travel News

Blog posts from the Meon Valley Travel Team on the latest sustainable travel initiatives that you can implement today.

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Together we can help save the planet.