Iguazu Falls a must see…


One of the greatest natural wonders of the world

Where to stay

The trick is to stay in the Melia Iguazu Falls Hotel which is 40 minutes inside the National Park, so when the park opens at 9am you are already 40 minutes ahead of the throng.


The Melia is the only hotel in the park allowing you to walk from the terrace across the lawn straight into the forest trails after a glorious breakfast overlooking the vast backdrop of nature.


What hits you is the distant wall of sound with 128 falls spanning the Argentina Paraguay and Brazilian borders spilling a lions roar accompanied by the sound of distant exotic birdsong.

The locals are charming and welcoming of tourists and the ambience of this mountain jungle retreat at the Melia is delivered with abundant breakfasts, sumptuous Argentinian barbecue, rooftop cocktails, your own luxurious open lawned and spotless bleached wood haven with the jungle canopy on your doorstep.

How do you get there?

Those more mechanically minded can catch a bang up to date Airbus EC helicopter trip for a 20 or 40 minute flight over the falls and borders but the best taste of true experience is to walk into the midst of the throne of rock and the overwhelming power of such a vast volume of water in cascade.

Walking is the key therefore, wandering into the forestation early traversing the deserted walkways alone but for the odd maintenance man tipping his cap with a smile.


There are plenty of steps so it’s not fully accessible for the frail but there is disabled access and a delightful little dotto train down to the falls from the park entrance that enables access to all the key viewing points, so don’t rule out Iguazú for an elderly or infirm partner or family member. Its a worthwhile experience to behold.

Do you need to pay?

Park tickets for access to this national treasure are purchased at the Park entrance as you arrive by taxi so don’t worry, you won’t miss anything by leaving all local arrangements until your arrival.

The hotel concierges and the national park entrance complex have an abundance of activities maps and guides if you want the skinny on where to go first. There’s no shortage of amazing Instagramable shoot locations for the snap happy or professional photographer spanning the falls by walkway whilst diving in and out of the stair-rods of light cutting the dense screen of forestation that draws you like a moth to the flame of natural beauty and the breathtaking soul of Mother Earths natural beauty.


Take the time, take the love of your life, take walking shoes and a camera and fall in love with time and nature!

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