What’s is a Travel Spend Review?

Looking to reduce your travel spend? Let us help you with a Free Travel Spend Review where we'll look at the following key metrics:

Total Travel Spend

Your total travel spend includes not just the cost of hotels, planes, trains and automobiles, but all the ancillary items such as car parking at airports, transfers, meeting rooms, and so on…

This will give you an overall picture of your corporate travel spend that can show you trends and patterns in spending.

Are you travelling more or are your trips becoming more expensive? As an overview, this is essential, but for control, you need more detail.

Average Cost of a Trip

By taking the total travel cost and dividing it by the total number of business trips taken, you can find the average cost of a business trip. This can then be further refined by hotel, flights, train tickets, and spend per trip, allowing you to see if costs are rising.

We can assess your spending against industry averages to see if you are overspending.

Supplier Metrics

By looking at which suppliers you’re spending money with, you can gain an understanding of which airlines, hotels, and train companies you use the most.

We can then look at areas where you can gain more value from the suppliers used, through initiatives such as corporate hotel rate procurement or look for cheaper alternatives.

Traveller Metrics

Business travel is a key requirement for many roles, however, often companies can forget to monitor their travelling employees to see that their needs are being met.

Traveller friction is the name given to the negative effects that business travel can have, both in terms of personal and professional problems the traveller may experience, as well as potential long-term consequences for their company.

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Free Travel Spend Review

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