Karen & James visit Botswana & the Okavango Delta

One of my lifelong dreams was to visit this amazing destination and for those who know me well enough were amazed that I managed to pack my suitcase weighing in at an impressive 10.1kg! Feeling smug, I certainly was!

Day 1 – Chobe Game Lodge.

Arrived this afternoon and went straight to our first boat trip down the Chobe River which runs between Botswana and Namibia. Saw my first Hippo but sadly haven’t got a really impressive photo – yet!! Baboons, crocodiles, warthog and huge herds of elephant all line the riverbank as the inland waterholes have all dried up. Early night tonight after our long flight and excited to see what tomorrow brings.

Day 2 – 5am wake up call. 6am start and by 6.10 the Lion, Lioness and their cubs were putting on a show for us. What beautiful animals, although rather skinny so we are hoping for a kill tomorrow!

The beach was a little busy this afternoon!

This afternoon was all about elephants. Botswana has over 60,000 and whilst we were on our 2 hour river cruise we saw 4 herds come together to drink and bathe!

Aren’t these baboons adorable!

Day 3 – On this morning’s early river cruise we were lucky enough to encounter hippos. Wow, what majestic (ugly) creatures they are. A couple of facts I learned about hippos today … they actually don’t swim, they sink and run along the bottom of the river bed. They can stay underwater for 6mins and are the only mammals to produce pink milk. Apparently, this Hippo is pregnant!

This afternoons highlight was this leopard sighting. I honestly can’t believe the volume of animals here, every game drive produces yet another wow!

Day 4 – Up before sunrise this morning. If this was the view from my bedroom I’d be getting up at 5.30 every day!

This little guy joined us for breakfast this morning!

On our way to the airstrip after an incredible 4 days in Chobe. There is no WiFi in the Okavango so no posts for the next few days – phew! I hear you say!

Day 7 – Final few pictures of Chobe Game Lodge where we have spent the last 3 nights. The lodge is 4 star with average food, quite large with 22 rooms but it is the only lodge inside Chobe Game Reserve which means we had unrestricted access when the park was closed to others. The sheer volume of animals is a big draw and the lodge has recently changed to all women rangers policy to empower girls in the local community.

Goodbye Chobe, next stop Okavango Delta.

This is our first glimpse of the Okavango Delta as we come into land at Kasane. The Okavango river flows from the highland of Angola to the Kalahari Desert forming on of the worlds largest wetlands attracting over 200,000 animals.

We’ve landed at the grass air strip at Camp Okavango. Yes, this is arrivals!! We now have to walk to our lodge!!

Wow, the first impressions of Camp Okavango are pretty impressive. This luxurious 12 room stilted lodge sitting on the edge of the Delta blends naturally with the beautiful landscape. We were greeted by smiling staff who told us this was our home for the next 4 days and we should treat it just like it was our own, including a self-service bar!

Our first encounter with the Delta was by Moroko, a dug out canoe propelled through the shallow waters by our guide using a pole just like punting! A fabulous experience.

And when the sun goes down the view just gets better.

Day 8 – First rule of walking through the bush – walk in single file, this means the animals see you as one big object and shouldn’t attack . Rule 2, do not run !! Rule 3, always get husband to stand between you and the animals.

As the sun goes down its time for us to say goodbye to this magical place. Botswana you have been everything I could have wished for and more.


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