Top 5 Safari and Beach Honeymoon Destinations

Safari and Beach Honeymoon Destinations

Planning the perfect honeymoon is important, because it gives you the chance to get away from all of your responsibilities or problems and spend some quality time with your partner.

Many couples think the trip should be relaxing and romantic, and it must suit their needs, preferences and style as a couple.

They picture the ideal honeymoon with romantic views and a cozy atmosphere. Others are looking for more excitement and prefer bathing in an infinity pool, watching the wildlife in their natural habitat, riding on a horse or sleeping under a starlit sky.

Safari and Beach Honeymoon Destinations

A safari honeymoon is for couples who love nature, wildlife, thrills and great adventures. You should determine your getaway goals as your honeymoon is the best time to visit your dream destinations.

Most people are always searching for the world’s most romantic, absolutely relaxing and visually stunning destinations. But if you are also an adventure lover, here are five of the most preferred safari and beach honeymoon destinations.

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Kenya Safari Honeymoon


Kenya is considered one of the best honeymoon destinations worldwide. If you are thinking of going there on your honeymoon, you are in the right direction. Some people say Kenya is the country where safari tours originated from.

The best Kenya safari tours normally include viewing natural beauty, top attractions and cultural encounters. There are people who choose to go there simply because they want to enjoy the tropical beaches of the Kenyan coast.

There is so much to see in this country – authentic villages, or different animal species such as zebras, gazelles and leopards. You can even add gorilla trekking to your Kenyan safari.

Kenya is a great holiday place for every traveller. Except the exciting Kenyan safaris, you may enjoy exclusive hideaways for romantics. People usually report high standard of service in Kenya.

Couples can enjoy luxury accommodation from colonial style lodges to fancy boutique hotels. Many couples at all ages decide to choose this destination, spend these important honeymoon moments there and make lifetime memories.

Seychelles Beach Honeymoon


The Seychelles is an incredibly popular destination among couples from all over the world.

It is mostly famous for its stunning islands, sandy beaches and warm sparkling seas. So, if you are a beach lover, Seychelles is going to be the perfect choice for your dream honeymoon.

Seychelles beaches are accessible all year long, because the climate is warm any time. You can get married whenever you decide, and it is guaranteed you will be sun kissed during your Seychelles honeymoon.

You can enjoy complete privacy and stay in luxury hotels. There are many five-star resorts where you can have amazing moments and really pamper yourself.

The Seychelles can offer you huge variety of landscapes and experiences. You will be fascinated by the beautiful nature, the granitic islands and the rock formations. It is clear you will have a diverse and memorable honeymoon, if you decide to choose the Seychelles.

Along with the beach resorts, you can combine your Seychelles honeymoon with a safari. When we say safari, we actually mean you can cruise the islands on your own or join a crew on a sailboat or a yacht. You can also dive in the tranquil turquoise waters and see the coral reefs around the islands.

Normally, tourists are thoroughly satisfied with the natural attractions and often describe the Seychelles as paradise. So why not go to this paradise and make your honeymoon dreams come true? You and your partner will certainly have a nice time relaxing on the tropical beaches.

Sri-Lanka Beach Honeymoon

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka probably seems like a less popular and unusual destination, but it is certainly a wonderful place for your romantic honeymoon. It is the ideal destination for couples, who are keen on adventures and exploration of wildlife.

Sri Lanka might be a small island, but it can offer you big diversity. You can explore the colonial towns, the rolling hills and the green plantations.

The good thing is, they are all surrounded by warm tropical seas and you can have a lovely time on the island’s sandy beaches.

If you are a fan of safari tours, going to Sri Lanka might be the smartest choice. Sri Lanka is surely among the most desired safari destinations in the whole world. The main reason for that is it is abundant in national parks and diverse wildlife.

The island is famous for its unique flora and fauna. There is an abundance of bird life, and it is the home of elephants and leopards. So, if you are excited to see them in person, do not hesitate to make a booking and spend your honeymoon in Sri Lanka. Going on a safari tour in Sri Lanka is appropriate for animal lovers, because they will have the real chance to see different and rare species or take pictures of them.

You do not have to go to the well-known places and be like everyone else. That is why going to Sri Lanka is a good choice if you want to discover more unusual spots and tell exciting stories to your friends afterwards.

Zanzibar Beach Honeymoon


A honeymoon in Zanzibar is world class. More and more people are wanting to enjoy the white beaches, the glittering oceans and the boutique hotels in the region.

You might not think of a better way to begin your life together than with a real adventure. In most cases, the honeymoon is the most memorable holiday and couples should choose the destination carefully. But Zanzibar won’t disappoint you, because it is full of excitement and gives you the chance to have an unforgettable experience. Going to Zanzibar can be romantic- you can have dinner by candlelight or take a hot-air balloon flight over the plains.

There are many accommodation options that can suit all different types of honeymooners, including the most capricious ones. Basically, there is something for everyone – for the adventurous type, for the romantic type or for those who seek ultimate luxury.

Zanzibar is an incredible Indian Ocean getaway and a popular safari destination, because of its vibrance and colorfulness. It will be better if you make your booking earlier, because thousands of people choose this remarkable honeymoon destination.

Did you know Zanzibar is said to have some of the best beaches in the world? If you have decided to get married in the winter, you might consider visiting the tropical island from December to February, relax on the beach and enjoy the hot and dry weather.

South Africa Honeymoon

South Africa

South Africa is commonly recommended and considered an appealing destination for couples’ honeymoon. It is fascinating, because of its untamed wilderness and rural beauty.

Most couples prefer it as they want to discover the vibrant cities and the sandy beaches. It does not really matter what you are looking for. South Africa can offer something for every taste.

If you want to escape from your fast-paced daily routine and spend this important holiday in an exotic place, it is the right choice. Supposing you have always been interested in the wildlife, now you have the chance to explore it.

You can also explore lush vineyards and try a variety of red wines.

This colorful destination is surrounded by the most breathtaking beauty spots in the world. If you choose to join a safari tour in South Africa, you can experience great adventures and learn more about its history and wildlife.

Have you ever seen a lion or a leopard in person? Now you have the real chance to meet them and make some cool pictures. Presumably, you all have seen movies of powerful love stories in South Africa, and you can be sure there are plenty of romantic spots there. South Africa also has amazing beaches and it does not matter if you are looking for a nice tanning spot, big waves or a scenic boardwalk.

Experience more on your honeymoon

All these five beautiful destinations have some things in common. They all let you have an exciting experience and tons of adventures.

Choosing the right destination for your dream honeymoon is not an easy task, but you can take your time. These places can offer you both luxury and romantic types of holidays.

Safari and beach honeymoon destinations have gained huge popularity these days, and people are right to take up such trips.

After all, your honeymoon is once in a lifetime and you deserve to go to the best place possible.

If you are looking for a thrill, great adventures and wild nature, do not hesitate to visit one of these places, and it is guaranteed you are going to remember this honeymoon vacation for the rest of your lives.

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