Meon helps North Mundham School build ICT Suite

North Mundham Primary School ICT Suite

In April 2019, Meon Valley Travel donated 22 used computers to North Mundham School via the Business to Schools Initiative.

Meon Valley Travel Corporate Social Responsibility
22 ex-Meon computers make their way to North Mundham Primary School

17 computers have been used to kit out a new Information and Communications Technology (ICT) suite whilst the remaining 5 computers are going straight into classrooms.

North Mundham School is a primary school with an age range from 5-11 years.  The computers in the suite have a variety of uses, research, programming using Scratch2, using the Microsoft Office Suite and educational programmes for example, for improving times tables and spellings.

North Mundham Primary School ICT Suite
New ICT suite ready for action

For the school to have purchased refurbished PCs of a similar age to the ones Meon supplied, we estimate that Meon has saved the school at least £2500.

“Our huge thanks go to Meon Valley Travel, who donated computers to North Mundham School.  Their very generous contribution made the refurbishment of the ICT Suite possible.  The children are thoroughly enjoying the whole class capacity of the new suite,” said Suzanne Prince, North Mundham School.

“It just feels great being able to dispose of computer hardware in a responsible manner thanks to the fantastic Business2Schools initiative. To know that we’re enabling future generations with essential computers skills leaves us with a lasting warm feeling inside, highly recommended!” said Meon Valley Travel MD James Beagrie.

About Business to Schools Initiative

If your business is moving, or you’re updating your computers and office furniture, why don’t you think about donating the things you no longer need to Business2Schools? The value to the school means they can reserve their budgets for pupil needs rather than spend them on infrastructure. The items donated, particularly PCs and monitors are far more powerful, with a longer life than anything a school could ever afford. It’s a great way to measure your corporate social responsibility and environmental social governance. Most of all, it’s the best ethical and environmental way we can improve schools and shape our children’s future.

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