The Neeleshwar Hermitage Yoga Retreat

We are very happy to announce that The Neeleshwar Hermitage is once again open for business after the monsoon, ready to welcome visitors back to Magical Malabar, our own little piece of Paradise beside the Arabian Sea.

While much of the country takes the monsoon as an enforced rest period, we at The Hermitage have been busy with some refurbishments that will make your stay even more enjoyable. All our Sea View cottages have had extensive bathroom renovations, including the addition of a beautifully stone tub to add that extra bit of luxurious relaxation. This not only provides a lovely place to soak the stress away, but creates a whole new feeling to the bathroom area – making it more like a garden temple than a washroom!

There has also been extensive work done to the pool with all new tilling and addition of comfortable furniture so that guests can now sit and look out over the ocean while enjoying tea or a drink and snacks in lovely surroundings. We also have additional stunning Yoga Pavilion overlooking the Ocean. Our garden here is always radiant after the rainy season and the garden has been further improved and extended towards the beach, which have been approved by magnificent peacock family, this arrival is considered a very good omen by the locals, as the peacock is a sacred bird associated with several of the gods.

Symbolically, the peacock devours the serpent of time, so we are taking this avian arrival as a celestial seal of approval on the rejuvenation therapies that are available in our Priya Ayurvedic Spa. It seems not only the gods approve of them: TIMES NOW recently nominated us the prestigious – Emerging Power Brand in India. Despite heavy monsoon this year in Kerala we have managed to complete our work in time, great efforts by our team.

We look forward to welcoming you at Neeleshwar Hermitage and The Lotus Boat.

This August, celebrate and enjoy Onam Festival with us, join us in flower competition and great Malabar feast, including mouthwatering fish and prawn curry, the markets around Neeleshwar Hermitage come alive with food, smells and flower stalls!

All sectors of Keralan society celebrate Onam with great enthusiasm and thus it serves a valuable role as a social harmoniser. It is also boost for the economy as the whole state is gripped by shopping frenzy, with new outfits and jewellery for all the women and presents dished out liberally in directions. Best of all, Onam is several days of paid holidays – EVEN THE FULL TIME JOB OF BEING ON STRIKE IS SUSPENDED!!!!

Come and discover The Hermitage for yourself as part of our forthcoming India Yoga retreat with Jenny Beeken.

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