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In many ways Egypt was the starting place of modern tourism. The opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 introduced Egypt to the more adventurous European travellers. The following year Thomas Cook ran his first steamer along the Nile from Cairo to Aswan.

Victorian travellers were drawn by the millennia of civilizations that have congregated along the banks of the Nile. Even now the legends of Tutankhamun and Cleopatra have a hold on our furtive imagination.

Nothing is simpler than to incorporate most of the ancient delights from the Pyramids of Giza to the Valley of the Kings in your Egypt touring holidays. All you have to do is to take a cruise along the Nile and imagine you are Hercule Poirot trying to unravel a peculiar riddle. 

Nowadays, travellers to Egypt can explore the country beyond its antiquities. Egypt has spectacular beaches, great waters for diving, and bustling souqs in Cairo and Alexandria.

Those with a keen interest in the country’s culture can explore the Coptic Christian monasteries, visit some of the Egypt’s calming mosques or perhaps take a trip to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Alternatively, you could join the locals at an ahwa and play some backgammon while shisha pipes bubble away beside you.

Then, there is the vast Sahara spread out before you, clamouring for your exploration. Visit an oasis spending a night under the stars, sample some of the amazing local cuisine and ride upon a camel. 

There is a very good reason why the Victorians were drawn to Egypt for their exploration. The country will live long in your memory and leave you craving for more.

Our favourite Egyptian Stays

Here is a selection of our most popular places to stay in Egypt.
These are just a sample of the holidays available, but if you already have a place in mind, we would love to help tailor-make your dream Egyptian holiday.

Only one of the seven ancient wonders of the world is still standing – the Pyramids of Giza. Quite simply you have to include these and the nearby Sphynx in your Egypt touring holidays. Fortunately both are easy to reach from Cairo, as Giza really is a suburb of the Egyptian capital. 

Cairo itself is well worth a day or two if only to visit the Egyptian Museum and to explore some of the colourful and fragrant souqs.

Luxor makes for an excellent base for exploring the temples of Karnak and Luxor, as well as the Valley of the Kings and Queens on the opposite bank of the mighty Nile.

There are other wonderful ancient sites worth discovering with Abu Simbel and Abydos stand out examples.

Away from the antiquities, Alexandria is Egypt’s second largest city with a history to rival Cairo. Drift through the souqs, visit the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the reincarnation of the ancient Great Library, and taste the fantastic seafood on the corniche.

Those wishing for some sea to accompany their sun and sand should head for Sharm el-Sheikh or Hurghada. While the Red Sea has wonderful opportunities for divers and snorkelers alike with an underwater world waiting to be discovered that rivals the ancient civilization on land.

Places to visit in Egypt

Egypt Experiences

Few travelling experiences anywhere in the world can rival taking a cruise along the Nile. Whether you sail from Aswan to Luxor or vice versa just relax on the deck and watch as you float past millennia of history.

Tempting though it may be to stay on board deck throughout your Egypt holidays make sure you visit some of the major sites. Although the Pyramids of Giza quite rightly take all the accolades, Luxor has much more antiquities for you to explore especially in the Valley of the Kings and Queens.

Some of the more remarkable sites are slightly further afield. Abu Simbel is about as far south as you get before entering Sudan. These two imposing statues were carved out of rock and then relocated block by block when the Aswan Dam was built in the 60s. Alternatively, glory in the amazing wall carvings at Abydos, visit Edfu, one of the best preserved of Egypt’s temples, or pass through the flooded temple of Philae. 

Whichever sites you wish to explore, make sure you visit the interesting and educational Egyptian Museum in Cairo to discover the trinkets the Pharaohs wished to take with them to the Afterworld. 

With all that sand around you it seems a pity not to venture off into the dessert. Whether by camel or by 4WD Egypt’s Western Dessert is just waiting for you to explore. Spend a night under the stars and watch the dunes change colour during the day.

Soak in hot and cold springs in an oasis imagining you are part of a huge nomadic caravan. Bahariya is possibly the most accessible oasis, although Siwa is arguably the most remote and grand. Stay here, chill, cycle through the palm groves or take a dessert tour, and eat some of the wonderful fresh dates if in season.

The Red Sea has some of the best dive sites in the world. A wonderful antidote to all that heat and sand, whether you are an experienced diver or first-timer discover the myriad of coral and colourful fish as well as the odd wreck or two.

With such a wealth of experiences waiting for you on your Egypt touring holidays, the only concern is how to cram it all into your fortnight’s holiday.

Best time to visit Egypt

Visiting Egypt in January

Due to its comparatively mild temperatures, January is a good time to visit the temples or take a Nile Cruise but be prepared for crowds.

Visiting Egypt in February

Another good month for visiting the temples and taking a cruise, February also has the Abu Simbel Festival.

Visiting Egypt in March

This is a good month for visiting Alexandria and the coast as the temperatures have picked up, and the summer crowds are yet to descend.

Visiting Egypt in April

The last good month to visit the temples or go on a cruise before the heat becomes unbearable, take advantage. Watch out for sandstorms in the dessert.

Visiting Egypt in May

As the summer approaches Egypt hots up. However, you might discover less crowds at the temples. Make sure you avoid the midday sun.

Visiting Egypt in June

Cairo becomes insufferably hot and humid, so people head to the coast. Although temperatures are pleasant here, make sure you book accommodation in advance.

Visiting Egypt in July

July really is only for the brave of heart, especially if you want to explore the temples. The beaches are starting to fill up now.

Visiting Egypt in August

If you wish to avoid the crowds August could be a good month to visit Egypt, especially as it coincides with school holidays. What is it they said about mad dogs and Englishmen?

Visiting Egypt in September

September is a good month to visit Egypt as the temperatures start to relent a bit and the beaches empty after the holiday season.

Visiting Egypt in October

Like September, October is a great month to visit Egypt as the heat has relented but the winter peak season is yet to arrive.

Visiting Egypt in November

The last month to take advantage of the low temperatures and sparse crowds. Enjoy some early winter sun by the coast.

Visiting Egypt in December

The start of the high season, especially around Christmas. The weather is wonderfully mild, but book well in advance and expect crowds.


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