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Discover the World’s wonderful wildlife

One of the best things about travelling is learning about the amazing animals that share our world. Here are four ethical experiences that allow you to see the world’s wonderful wildlife in some of our favourite long haul destinations.

Okavango Delta

Safari in Kruger National Park, South Africa

Home to the ‘Big Five’, the vulnerable cheetah, endangered wild dog and several elusive small cat species. Steeped in legend and history, this iconic park in South Africa offers vast landscapes and spectacular wildlife for you to explore. There are many other once in a lifetime experiences here such as a majestic hot air balloon flight, horseback riding and a grassroots level of the survival of African Wildlife at rehabilitation, breeding and endangered species centres.

Elephant Hills, Thailand

A tented camp offering luxury adventure tours and the opportunity to see elephants up close. Tours are available in and around the stunningly beautiful Khao Sok National Park area. An extremely ethical conservation where no elephant riding takes place. You will be able to feed and interact with the elephants and the educational experiences will be sure to engage both adults and children.

Watch Spinner Dolphins in the Maldives

Take a boat trip and keep watch for these charismatic creatures. The Maldives is home to over 20 species of marine mammals, the most commonly seen are the spinner dolphins, with pods of which can be in the hundreds. Often found in and around the atolls in the morning. These intelligent and fascinating creatures are highly protected in the Maldives so any interaction with them is respectful and always an unforgettable experience.

Tiger Safari in Rathambore National Park, India

An outstanding example of the implementation of the Project Tiger conservation programme offering tiger sightings at its best. An unmatched experience in Rajasthan, known for the high population of tigers and leopards. You can embark on an exciting and thrilling jeep safari tour with expert naturalists who will guide you through the amazing work they carry out to protect these beautiful animals.

If you are considering a bucket list trip and finding it hard to choose or plan for, I would love to go through the options with you and help plan an amazing adventure.

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