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From the peaks of the Andes to the lush Amazon Rainforest, Patagonian glaciers to moon-like deserts and idyllic beaches to unending salt plains, South America is a continent that really does have it all. But it’s not only the incredible variety of awe-inspiring landscapes that make South America so special.




Why we love South America

This is the land of estancias and gauchos, steaks with chimichurri and delicious red wine. However, if you dig deeper you will find an intense and seductive land of great diversity, vibrant cities, views that will leave you speechless, fascinating cultures and some of the friendliest people on the planet!


Argentina – Land of Passion

From crackling glaciers to sun-scorched deserts, snow-capped mountains, emerald-green lakes and wildlife-rich wetlands, the spectacular variety of its landscapes gives just a hint at the exhilarating variety of adventure that awaits in this wildly intoxicating country.

Bolivia – Land of Scenic Splendour

A thrill-seekers paradise, a culture addict’s delight and a nature lover’s heaven, this secluded and often-underrated country in central South America is one that really packs a punch. Home to the world’s most dangerous road, largest salt flats and the highest lake, it’s a country that impresses on a grand scale, but it’s the colours, the vibrancy and the rugged beauty of this diverse and fascinating country that really leave a lasting impression on its visitors.

Brazil – Land of Captivating Rhythms

The largest country in Latin America, and undoubtedly one of the most rhythmic! Brazil dances to a tune of outstanding variety, with vibrant and pulsating metropolises, wild rainforests, thundering waterfalls, abundant wetlands, colonial towns almost frozen in time and tropical palm-fringed beaches all co-existing in this utterly captivating country.

Chile – Land of Diverse Landscapes

Stretching almost half the length of South America, Chile is home to both the driest desert in the world and to vast, spectacular glacier fields. And with one side of the country dominated by the Andes Mountains and the other by dramatic Pacific coastline, this is a country that not only offers some of the most outstanding, awe-inspiring and varied landscapes in the world, but it’s one that has something to offer every taste and budget too, making it a country with all the ingredients for a truly fantastic holiday.

Colombia – Land of Charm and Beauty

Undiscovered by international tourists for decades, Colombia has only recently begun to gain the recognition it deserves as a fantastic holiday destination. Forget everything you think you know and get ready to experience stunning landscapes, lost cities, romantic Caribbean islands, vibrant festivals and, of course, the best coffee in the world!

Costa Rica – Land of Beautiful Biodiversity

This has to be the happiest place on Earth – Costa Rica! A place with so much sunshine and natural beauty that it is easy to see why the people here are so happy. This is a country renowned for its incredible biodiversity, the purity of its rainforests, the pristine charm of its coastline and for having some of the best adventure activities in the world – not to mention being a true pioneer in sustainability and eco-tourism. But whatever it is that conquers your heart in Costa Rica, there is only one way fit to describe the feeling you’ll get from a holiday here, and it’s perfectly wrapped up in the country’s most popular saying – pura vida! (pure life!)

Ecuador – Land of Stunning Diversity

Best known as the gateway to the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador is in fact packed full of many other dazzling wonders that never fail to surprise its visitors. Sitting on the Equator between Colombia and Peru, this small country in the very middle of the world is home to stunning colonial towns, fascinating history, white-sand beaches, Amazonian rainforest and breathtaking Andes backdrops, making it a destination full of contrasts that are just as astounding as its famously unique biodiversity.

Falkland Islands – Land of Pretty Penguins

The Falkland Islands attract more people than you might think. The perfect surroundings, incredible wildlife and intriguing history and culture make for an unforgettable trip. The islands are home to more than one million penguins and half a million sheep, but they also have sizeable populations of sea lions, elephant seals, dolphins and killer whales.

French Guiana – Land of Cultural Contrasts

French Guiana, or ‘Guyane’, is an equatorial South America department of France that shares borders with Brazil, Suriname, and the Atlantic Ocean. It is known for having a rich and beautiful ecosystem, and despite being one of the most pristine locations on earth, it is also a place where you can experience the unexpected and extraordinary like a space launch from the European Space Agency’s spaceport or the eerie, deserted penal colony on Devil’s Island. It is a land of cultural contrasts, diverse natural beauty and history, making it, ultimately, one of the most interesting places to visit in South America.

Guyana – Land of Pristine Nature

Bordering Venezuela, Suriname, Brazil and over 200 miles of the Atlantic Ocean, Guyana is a little-known gem in northeast South America, and one of the few Caribbean countries that isn’t an island, giving it a fascinating blend of South American, Caribbean and Anglophone culture. From its vibrant colonial capital to its seemingly unending acres of unspoiled rainforests, golden beaches, stunning savannahs and truly outstanding wildlife and biodiversity, this off-the-beaten-track destination is undoubtedly one of the continent’s best-kept secrets.

Peru – Land of spellbinding scenery

Peru is undoubtedly one of the most visited countries in Latin America, and rightly so. It is not only a fascinating country home to ancient cultures, rich traditions and a melting pot of cultures, but it also boasts exceptional scenery, diverse wildlife, lively cities and some of the friendliest people in South America. This is a country where stunning historic architecture meets world-class cuisine, where deep blue lakes are adorned with a backdrop of the towering Andes, and where one of the world’s most famous archaeological sites, Machu Picchu, proudly stands at the top of a mountain.

Uruguay – Blue Sky Country

Uruguay.  Home of the South American cowboy and mile upon mile of unspoilt coastline, this small but mighty country is well overdue recognition as an idyllic tourist destination. Learn to ride gaucho style at an Estancia, wander around the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Colonia del Sacramento or catch some waves in Punto del Diablo.  Whatever you’re into, the rustic charms and warm hospitality of Uruguay will have you hooked.

Patagonia – Land of Giants

Patagonia isn’t just a region – it’s an inspiration. One of South America’s most magical destinations, this is a land of giants filled with spectacular mountains, vast glaciers and azure alpine lakes that will quite simply take your breath away. The sheer size and space of this rugged yet beautiful wilderness all combine to create a powerful sense of natural balance.


Creating your perfect South American holiday

Whether it’s visiting the iconic Machu Picchu at sunrise, dancing the tango in Buenos Aires, hiking to the Patagonian Icefields, relaxing on the beaches of Brazil or taking a river cruise down the Amazon, a holiday to South America is certain to be packed full of moments that you will cherish as memories forever. We know that choosing what to fit into your South America trip can be a little overwhelming, but don’t worry, this is where we can help can help.

Our Tailor-made holidays are designed completely around you. We will work with you to create a holiday that includes all the places that you want to see, experience, the things that are important to you.  We can make recommendations based on your wants and needs, making the perfect itinerary, just for you!

You may prefer to experience South America as part of an Escorted Small Group Tour, sharing the experience with like-minded fellow travellers.  Small groups will keep the experience intimate and with passionate tour leaders taking all the stress out whilst also sharing their knowledge of local insights and secrets.


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