Travel Buyer’s 2024 Wish List: NDC, Optimised OBTs, and Beyond!

James Beagrie
James Beagrie
Last Updated: 3 January 2024

Alright fellow travel enthusiast, I’ve just inhaled the 2024 ITM Trending Survey and let me tell you, it’s got some juicy nuggets for you. So buckle up, grab your metaphorical cuppa, and prepare to dive into the minds of savvy business travel buyers.

What’s top of mind for these discerning jet-setters?

Top billing goes to accessing the full monty, NDC and all. They want transparency, control, and the ability to build bespoke travel experiences that’ll make their employees sing with glee (and keep the finance director humming a happy tune too).

But it’s not all about the techie bits. Buyers are also big on optimising their OBTs, making sure they’re sleek, user-friendly machines that streamline the booking process and keep travel budgets in check. Speaking of budgets, those savvy souls are laser-focused on keeping things under control, without sacrificing duty of care or, of course, those oh-so-important sustainable practices.

Now, here’s a bit of a head-scratcher. Suppliers seem to be all about budgets, ranking them as their top priority. But for buyers, it’s not quite the same story. Perhaps they’re more concerned with getting the perfect blend of value and experience, rather than just the bottom line.

The survey also dives into the economic climate, travel budgets, RFPs, and the challenges suppliers face, and that’s just the curtain-raiser. The real magic is in understanding what business travel buyers are looking for, what makes them tick, and how we can swoop in and be their travel superheroes.

So, let’s channel our inner Richard Branson, embrace the data, and craft travel experiences that are not just smooth and efficient, but also bursting with personality and care. Because let’s face it, business travel shouldn’t just be about getting from A to B, it should be an adventure, a chance to connect, and a testament to the incredible things we can achieve when we work together.

Onwards and upwards, my friends! The future of travel is bright, and we’re at the helm.

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