traveller tracking system


Helps you keep your staff safe, up to date and manage risk.

Know Where Your Staff Are at all times

Knowing where your staff have been and where they are travelling to is now more important than ever. Keeping staff sticking to travel policy means you can ensure costs don’t creep up, it also means that you are covered by adequate travel insurance if they do get stranded due to changing government guidelines.

When it comes to business travel, Duty of care is an important topic. Not only is there a legal obligation for corporates to ensure their employees safety as far as possible, there is also a moral duty. Companies must take care of their employees and actively do all possible to avoid them encountering injury or exposure to situations that could lead to ill health.

We live in uncertain times and we live in a globalised world requiring people to travel both close and far from home. Appropriate risk management should be put into place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of travellers.

Duty of care management

Traveller Tracking

Traveller Tracking should form part of a companies Risk Management processes. Ensuring travel bookings are made via one central point (The TMC) means that the data from the bookings can flow into a Traveller Tracking tool.

This will ensure that a company can know where their employees are at any given time. If a disaster occurs anywhere in the world, the systems in place should mean you can be sure who might be affected, who might need help and ultimately have a quick and efficient way to reach them and offer assistance.

SMS travellers through the app

The PinPoint application allows the user to interrogate the software to find users in a given location or anyone staying at a particular hotel or travelling on a flight number. You can locate those travellers and easily communicate with them directly from the application via email or SMS. This means as long as your travel programme is such that the policy states employees must book via the appointed Travel Agency then you can be sure you will know that you have contacted all relevant people.

The latest advice all in one place

The situation on the ground in various parts of the world can change by the minute. Advice from the FCDO as to whether it is safe to travel somewhere or whether you should avoid all but essential travel will reflect the situation on the ground. PinPoint technology integrates directly with FCDO advice and displays that to the user, so you can see where your people are as well as the FCDO advice for the destination.

Covid-19 brought added complexities to travel such as where countries introduced quarantine measures or travel restrictions. PinPoint has integrated directly with Safeture, the intel from this organisation is current and will inform you of the anticipated risk rating as well as offering practical information around topics such as quarantine and other travel restrictions.

Manage Risk

PinPoint is an essential part of the Risk Management tool kit, corporates should combine this software alongside other practices such as having a Travel Policy that ensures all bookings are centralised and captured.

Other elements of risk can also be managed in the application such as where you need to control how many people travel on the same aircraft.

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