Covid-19 Travel Management Tracker

In a period of change within the world, being able to easily identify and locate your travellers has never been so important.

The quick, “ I’m just on the airline / hotel website directly, I will book it myself” scenario can be the stuff of nightmares for employers, especially when it comes to a business meeting their Corporate Social Responsibilities. 

A business must be able to easily identify where either their travellers are currently, have been or due to be travelling to.

That is one of the benefits of a TMC can offer, to provide that consolidation and visibility of spend and people.

With that in mind, we have been working alongside our key technology partner Travelogix and are pleased to have launched the new COVID-19 data tracker.

Behind the scenes footage of our Covid-19 Travel tracker built with partner Travelogix.

The COVID-19 tracker is a bespoke management information tool that tracks all affected countries, but more importantly identifies any of your past, present and future travellers due to be entering and exiting that country in the click of a button.

Chris Lewis – Founder Travelogix

Whilst the additional information surrounding the virus includes total of historic cases, total active cases, number of deaths, new cases today and total recoveries is useful, the critical information surrounds your employees movements.

Within the global dashboard to you can easily see how many of your travellers have visited an infected country, allowing you to provide help and support to those travellers potentially at risk. 


The Dashboard allows you to see your current travellers ”in country” which can help you plan an exit strategy, if required alongside viewing any future travel plans which may need to be postponed or even cancelled.

In uncertain times, the speed to action of obtaining this vital information alongside the potential costs affected to it, rebooking and processing refunds is one of the reasons we are here, so you do not have that worry.

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