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The best technology solutions are those that solve many problems at once, without creating new ones in their wake. Conferma Pay is a great example of just that kind of product.

Avoid employees having to pay on personal cards through Conferma Pay

Pay without Plastic

We hear a lot about reducing our paper trails (and the carbon footprint expansion that goes with it) and Conferma Pay supports those efforts very well. It works just like a credit card in many ways, but with some notable differences.

Conferma Pay is ideal for anyone without a Corporate Credit Card

First of all, it isn’t an actual card. It is an app that allows a company to give a virtual credit card to an employee, allowing that person to pay for travel and hotels – meals even – using a card that appears as an image on a smartphone. The image even has a flipside with the security key on it!

Travellers are far more likely to lose track of a loaned credit card than they are their phones, and this makes paying for services very quick and easy. Did you know 82% of employees would use an app for business travel expenses.

Linked to Home

If you do have any issues while checking in, one tap can get you in touch with your home office, with your travel expert, or can resend the necessary information should it go missing between your office and the hotel reservation desk. It’s like having a ‘Help’ button right on a payment card.

No Demand, Full Control

Whether or not an employee can afford to pay for business travel and then be reimbursed, it is poor form to ask this of employees, especially those in (or close to) entry-level positions.

At the same time, it is often the entry-level employee that has no track record of responsible corporate spending, so handing over a card or envelope of cash is not a comfortable thing for the employer either.

Conferma Pay offers a solution by way of specified spending powers on the digital card. In other words, the employer can set the card to pay for a basic room only, or for room plus WIFI, or for a suite, WIFI, room-service, breakfasts and very-expensive-cashews in the mini-bar… whatever the situation warrants. The card will cover these costs and anything over this is the responsibility of the employee.

Think for a moment about what this means for the traveller:

  1. No need to carry cards or cash on business trips – just a mobile wallet
  2. No need for cumbersome expense reporting post-trip (hoorah!)
  3. No need to support your business by using your personal card.

Instant Records

It can make things easier in other ways as well. Record-keeping efficiency is increased because the receipts are recorded by the app the moment payment is made and sent to the appropriate department.

Total trip costs are accurate and immediate too, so you can know right away if the cost justified the results.


The digital format decreases the risk of abuse by employees, but even more importantly, it reduces misuse by third parties. If a normal credit card number falls into the hands of an unscrupulous person, spending can occur quickly and cause a great deal of headache and stress to you and the employee entrusted with the card – and through no fault of either of you!

The digital format and internal controls prevent credit card fraud, making this not only an easy way for the right people to spend money on the right things – but also blocks the wrong people from buying the wrong things.

That’s a little added peace of mind.


Conferma Pay is a digital credit card app that enables, limits, and reports corporate spending by travellers at any level of your company. It is easy to use, secure, and linked to immediate help should you need it.

All in all a great solution to a number of corporate travel needs.

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