Atriis: The Technology Behind our Online Booking Tool

James Dent
James Dent
Last Updated: 21 March 2023

A new platform that brings an Amazon-style approach to booking business travel has been launched by Atriis Technologies.

Atriis is believed to be the first Online Booking Tool (OBT) which is serviced by a corporate’s designated TMC but also shows fares from competitors. The concept allows a more competitive tendering approach whilst also minimising leakage.

“Atriis redefines the OBT space – being a Collaborative Platform fuelled by an open marketplace -​ Atriis is a unique ecosystem where both the corporate customers and travel agents move and communicate on the same platform,” says Kai-Gordon Weiland, Atriis Technologies’ Senior Vice President of Sales and Customer Success.

“We created an Amazon and Skyscanner-like shopping experience, combining content originating from the TMC with relevant direct supplier content. Corporates take full advantage of TMC special rates and internet/direct supplier fares.”

He adds: “We are the first OBT with full agent desktop and the first that offers a B2B integrated marketplace, offering fares also from other TMCs and serviced by the corporate’s designated fulfilment TMC.

“We’re also the first OBT with integrated traveller retention technology to minimise leakage​.”

Atriis is further developing its tool to promote sustainability. “Showing the CO2 footprint is one thing. Actively promoting more sustainable travel options, allowing the building of a corporate travel policy around such options, and making it easy for the business end-users to go for the greenest choice – that’s a completely different thing,” says Weiland, who promises “exciting news” about this aspect soon.

The developments come as corporate travel continues its recovery but faces several major challenges.

“We see business needs to travel,” says Weiland. “Companies seek to meet their business partners in person, and business travel enables the building of strong and trustful relationships. The trends of the past months are proving this to the entire industry.

“Still, there are some cliffs we need to get around. The travel industry is experiencing unparalleled challenges in talent and resources – too many have left the industry and likely won’t return.”

Weiland believes corporate customers are adjusting their purchasing behaviour, “looking for tech on the one side, and touch on the other side”.

He adds: “Ideally, TMCs will provide corporates with a super-smart travel technology platform, boosted by artificial intelligence and machine learning for swift self-servicing. The right combination of a highly approachable and skilled travel agent team and leading travel booking technology represents the new credo in how business travels.”

So much for the near future, but what about looking further ahead? Weiland predicts: “Artificial intelligence will be a big thing as companies are recovering and starting to understand that they need to take the user experience to the next level to create long-lasting relationships and maintain customer retention.

“Because we know this, Atriis is currently focusing and investing heavily in being a leader with our new AI technology that (a retention marketing specialist) has brought to Atriis. Another aspect is the user experience within the travel booking journey. We will address this with our new user interface, which is around the corner.”

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