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A single source of truth of your travel data information

Automated Data Consolidation 24/7

staff travel data is more important than ever, being able to access it quickly and easily is paramount for staff safety and cost savings

Analytix removes the manual processes associated with data management by automatically consolidating data from multiple back office and point of sale systems - thus reducing the process from days every month to just seconds.

Analytix can also cleanse your data, removing duplicate entries and the need for manual changes. Whether you want it to be loaded weekly, daily or hourly we’ll work to your schedule and arrange an automated upload routine that meets your requirements.

Automated Management Reporting

Traditionally, generating reports from multiple data was difficult, time consuming and often resulted in the delivery of inaccurate data leaving travel managers frustrated and unable to justify costs and savings made during the week, month or annually. With Analytix built in automation you can be assured of consistency in the way data is collected and guaranteed accuracy in the way data is reported. Analytix does all the calculations giving users access to real time, validated data on demand from anywhere.

Create expenditure reports on the fly

Analytix is delivered with a standard library of 40 reports with criteria that can be adjusted to create thousands of combinations of reports. There’s also the ability to compile branded report packs with DataPublisher. We can even work with you to create your own custom reports, sent when you want them scheduled ie daily, weekly, or monthly.

Customisable Dashboards

Create meaningful reports by representing your data visually. Best of all the dashboards are cloud based meaning you can access them anywhere, and backload historic data. In just a few clicks, build tailored dashboards that include reports, graphs, charts and more. Add personalised filters, drill down into specific information, keep on top of data with alerts and use storytelling to share insights clearly.

Multi Level drill down

A top-level summary report can be great, but getting to grips with the finer details within it can give you the insight you need to make better decisions. Analytix gives you instant knowledge of different depths of the data with a comprehensive drill down tool. You can interrogate data directly from within your reports, seeing all the way down to individual booking invoice details. When you can see the individual parts that make up your report, you get a much deeper understanding of the headline figures too.

Slice and Dice. Tell stories and take a journey through your data. With Analytix you can micro-analyse any data set right down to individual records so that you can quickly identify common trends within data sets without the need to generate multiple reports.

Data Export Capabilities

Share and collaborate in the cloud. DataShare enables you to schedule and share reports via a secure link so recipients can view and explore real-time data, on-demand, on any device, without the need for them to have platform licences.

Exporting your data into CSV or Excel formats means that you can access and analyse data outside of our Analytix framework. You can even select the data fields you’re interested in and customise the export to your own requirements. Keeping the system flexible allows you greater freedom in how you use the data.


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Keep track of staff travel effectively

It makes sense to ensure your spend is in line with the industry. Our free travel review covers, hotel, car hire, rail, flights well in fact all aspects of travel. Whether you have corporate rates with a hotel or shop around to get the best price, our team will do a full audit of your current spend and come back to you so you can show real value and savings to your organisation.

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