European Train Travel Just Got Easier

Booking rail beyond Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels has just got a whole lot easier with Meon Business Travel’s new partnership with Benerail. Benerail is a one-stop shop that offers ticketing on 17 rail systems in 15 European countries, meaning a seamless booking experience that extends train travel beyond the trunk routes through the Channel Tunnel. […]

Hotel Room Rates; Getting the Best Value for Business Travel Managers

Venue Finder

The stats tell the story from across the globe; hotel prices are rising again as travel returns. It’s been a buyers’ market for the past two years with those able to travel encountering room rates that didn’t trouble the expenses too much. Now it’s a different story; just have a look at some figures. In […]

Navigating the New Norm: Navigating Post-Brexit Business Travel

Brexit Travel Advise

In the ever-evolving world of business travel, the UK’s departure from the European Union has introduced a new set of complexities for both travellers and businesses alike. While some aspects remain largely unchanged, others have transformed significantly, requiring a fresh approach to navigating cross-border travel. Meon Valley Business Travel’s partner CIBT deals with these issues […]