Lesley Knight

Personal Travel Consultant

With 35 years experience working in the travel industry, specialising in creating fabulous long-haul travel itineraries and tailored European trips, Lesley has a vast bank of contacts and treasured friends throughout the world enabling her and the team to offer inspiringly bespoke advice. In Lesley’s words ‘the more complicated the better’ so make sure to take advantage of booking with somebody who knows the minutia of complex touring trips for the likes of Southeast Asia, Australia, Kenya and so many more incredible destinations. Or if you are looking for something a little closer to home, learn all about the undiscovered gems of Portugal and Turkey with Lesley.

Always in huge demand, Lesley is so popular and everybody treasures her advice, such that friends, families, colleagues and suppliers all queue up for the latest nugget of insight that makes the difference between a holiday and a life affirming experience.

If you crave encyclopaedic inspiration and the gift of a perfect holiday itinerary just for you then walk this way…

What's your next big adventure?

Norway, the Northern Hemisphere is more popular now than ever before

Which items do you always take on your travels?

Packing squares, amazing how much you can get in them!

What's your top travel tip?

Always take change of clothes, Sarong & swimwear in your hand luggage, just in case your bags get lost en route.  Worst case scenario, at least you have clean undies/top & something to swim in!

Lesley's Favourite Holiday Photos

Lesley Knight, Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Lesley Knight, Tromso Region, Norway
Tromso Region, Norway
Lesley Knight, Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China
Lesley Knight, Masai Mara, Kenya
Masai Mara, Kenya

Lesley's Recently Visited Destinations

Lesley K - Spirit Island, Canada
Spirit Island, Canada
Lesley K - Columbia Icefields, Canada
Columbia Icefields, Canada
Lesley K - Vega, Norway
Vega, Norway
Lesley K - Godafoss, Iceland
Godafoss, Iceland

Lesley's Reviews

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