Faye Mitchell

Leisure Manager

Local girl, Faye brings a bright, bubbly enthusiasm and infectious fun nature to the day.  

With an encyclopaedic understanding of destinations and her natural flare Faye has honed her leadership skills and now shares this talent to lead the Leisure team.  A rare and precious talent we are grateful for everyday.

What's your next big adventure?


Which items do you always take on your travels?

Someone else’s credit card, sun glasses and sunscreen

What's your top travel tip?

Roll your clothes to save space and prevent wrinkles and for the kids, layer each element of the outfit on another and roll together. That way you can take out a rolled outfit for each day without using any thinking power.

Also, plan ahead for all your ‘must-dos’ so you don’t forget but make sure to ask a local for their insider’s tip.

Faye's Favourite Holiday Photos

Faye Mitchell - Lake Geneva, Switzerland
Geneva, Switzerland
Faye Mitchell - Grand Canyon, USA
Grand Canyon, USA
Faye Mitchell - Spain
Faye Mitchell - Squamish, Canada
Squamish, Canada

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