Anna Syrotenko

Business Data & IT Support

Anna was born and raised in Ukraine, where she worked in the tax field and had experience in organising an online store. Not so long ago, Anna moved to Great Britain and decided to completely change her career. Now Anna works in our IT department and is learning the world of travel at an impressive pace. A quick learner and bubbly personality make us very lucky to have Anna as part of our family.

Anna believes that photographs are moments of life that are preserved forever; that’s why she loves to capture wonderful shots at any opportunity. She is sure that dancing is the best way to relax, and drawing helps to express one’s inner emotions.

What's your next big adventure?

The next adventure will be, as always, unexpected and unforgettable

Which items do you always take on your travels?

Passport, power-bank and camera!

What's your top travel tip?

Take a million amazing photos, try new foods and drinks, have a few days of rest after the adventure to come back to reality.

Anna's Favourite Holiday Photos

Anna Syrotenko - Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt
Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt
Anna Syrotenko - Matera, Italy
Matera, Italy
Anna Syrotenko - Bukovel, Ukraine
Bukovel, Ukraine
Anna Syrotenko - Kazerta, Italy
Kazerta, Italy

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