Alex Beagrie

strategic sales manager

Strategically aware, emotionally intelligent and technically proficient with a customer-centric approach employing care and common sense has been a driving force in Alex’s progressive career to date. Proficient with database management and multi-channel marketing systems Alex constantly aims to improve efficiency, service and value.

Even with an entrepreneurial mindset, Alex is still finds the time to enjoy travel, motorsport and clay pigeon shooting.

What's your next big adventure?

My wedding in Morocco!

Which items do you always take on your travels?

Headphones, sunglasses and another person (I never travel alone).

What's your top travel tip?

Always wake up early one morning to watch the sunrise, it looks different in every country.

Alex's Favourite Holiday Photos

Alex Beagrie - Morocco
Alex Beagrie - Philippines
Alex Beagrie - Dubai
Dubai, UAE
Alex Beagrie - Mallorca, Spain

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