Vicki edgar

Repats Consultant

With 15 years experience, Vicki is sound, dependable, delightful and resourceful.  She is a safe pair of hands and has a deep understanding of assistance travel, matched with an enviable breadth of experience in small and large TMC’s. Vicki is relentlessly enthusiastic and never lets go of a problem until it is resolved.  We love her surgical wit, wicked sense of humour and spirited dancing.

When not working, Vicki can be found in the gym, cat sitting or at the theatre enjoying a live comedy show or musical performance.

What's your next big adventure?

I’m hoping to go back to Chile next year and maybe the year after to see more of South America to include Brazil, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. 

Which items do you always take on your travels?

I take everything and probably too much but as long as I at least have my passport and my credit card I can get anything I’ve forgotten when I get there.

What's your top travel tip?

Top travel tip would have to be: make sure you have a good insurance policy with a decent repatriation limit!

Vicki's Favourite Holiday Destinations

Vics Edgar - Val Paraiso, Chile
Val Paraiso, Chile
Vics Edgar - Santiago, Chile
Santiago, Chile
Vics Edgar - La Sarena, Chile
La Sarena, Chile
Vics Edgar - Santiago, Chile
Santiago, Chile

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