Reasons Why You Should Use A Travel Agent In 2021

Why you should use a travel agent

A few minutes on the internet can bring up dozens of travel sites, search engines, review platforms, and blogs. Each of them claims to have the best deals – many of them drawing from the same sources anyway – and all of them, in the end, offering about the same service: a list of data, generated by an algorithm, from which to choose your experience.

It seems ideal. It claims to save you money. So in our current world of multiple search engines, online deals, and information at our fingertips, why in the world would we spend money on a travel agent? Does anyone even do that anymore?

It turns out they do – and with good reason.

Here are our top five reasons why people are still using travel agencies, and are happy that they do.

Save Time

One of the simplest reasons is that using a travel agency saves time.

If you have a lot of spare time, and want to spend it scrolling through search results for the best deals, matching hotel and flight dates, making sure you have enough time to make connections, and the dozen other things necessary to book a holiday, then saving time might not be as valuable to you.

But if you are a busy person, or want to spend your free time with your family and friends, resting and doing things you enjoy, then using a travel agency is a great way to keep that time free.

Decrease Stress

Along with the saved time, travel agency services decrease your stress.

You won’t have to worry about transfer times and deposits and confirmations. You won’t need to trust anonymous or outdated reviews by people who may or may not expect the same things you do.

You’ll be able to rely on the experience and expertise of our travel specialists who have been to that destination, knows the ins and outs of it, and can apply that knowledge and experience into getting you the holiday experience you want. It’s not an algorithm, taking in the destination name and spitting out a list of flight and hotels; it’s a real person, listening to what you want and matching those criteria to places they’ve been and experienced.

You can just tell us your preferences, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Why use a travel agent

Deal With Real People

It can be frustrating to have a question, but no one to ask it to. Many sites have chat-bots and call centres, but these aren’t likely to connect you with someone who has been where you’re planning to go.

When you use a travel agency, you’ll have the name of our travel specialists – and they will know who you are too. Whether it’s a simple question about whether it’s practical to walk from your hotel to a certain venue, or something more critical, like a loss of luggage by the airline, you’ll have a real person to call, who will know exactly how to answer the question or to deal with the problem.

Increase Safety

An important part of letting go of worry, is knowing that you and your family are in a safe situation, and have backup if anything does go wrong.

Travel agents know what scams to watch for and avoid, they know what various districts are like in foreign cities, and can put you in a neighbourhood that suits your tastes and lifestyle.

Travel agents can also stand behind you if emergencies occur during your holiday. Natural disasters and extreme weather can come up unexpectedly and leave travellers stranded in an area where temporary shelter and transportation are in short supply. Anything from volcanic eruptions to incoming storms can cause interruptions to travel plans. Our travel specialists will be able to get you into a safe situation, and get you and your family back home as soon as possible.

No one wants to focus on what negative things might happen, but it is still good to know that you’re covered if they do.

Increase Value

Along with our expertise come a hundred little hacks and tricks that professional travellers pick up along the way. We know people and services at your destination, are familiar with the best hotels and modes of travel to suit you and your itinerary, and can even suggest things to see and do that you might not otherwise know about – because it’s hard to search what you’re not looking for.

All of this means substantial added value.

Add to this the fact that we book a lot of holidays – a LOT – so we can get better deals than anyone else. Even if you give us the same budget you would spend doing all of the searching and booking on your own, chances are that our expertise will result in a better holiday for the money.

What you want in a holiday, at the price you can afford. That’s better than ‘cheap’ – it’s real value.

Holidays Don’t Get Do-Overs

The fact is your holiday comes only once a year – twice if you’re lucky – and if it turns out to be less than what you’d hoped for, it’s not likely there will be a chance for you to try again. The time and money are lost, along with an opportunity for a truly satisfying holiday.

The Answer is Clear

When one considers the convenience, recommendations, increased safety, confidence, and quality of a holiday arranged by a professional travel agent, and then factors in that it might even end up costing less than a self-designed holiday without those benefits, it becomes easier to see why travel agencies have not become victims of the online revolution. On the contrary, competition has increased efficiency and kept prices low, and the value of these travel professionals is better than ever.

Why use a travel agency? Because this is the year you start having the holidays you’ve always wanted.

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