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How to book travel for my wedding abroad

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What you need to know about booking a wedding abroad

When planning that important day one of the easiest things to forget is how people are going to get there, especially when your wedding is overseas. With the mounting backlog in UK weddings caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, more people are turning to planning their wedding abroad. While this will ensure that your special occasion is truly memorable, you do have to take into account how your select guests are going to get there. Here are our five tips for ensuring that your wedding is truly accessible for your family and friends:

Are there any direct flights?

While you might wish to hitch the knot in the Solomon Islands, getting there might prove a bit tricky, not to mention time-consuming and expensive. Many great wedding destinations such as Ibiza, France, Italy or the Greek Islands have direct flights from the UK. Or you can always go further afield and fly direct to the Seychelles or Las Vegas. It’s not a bad idea to factor in the time difference when calculating possible jet lag.

Coordinate all the flights

Hugh Grant might be cute in Four Weddings and a Funeral, but really there is nothing relaxing about having guests flying in at the last moment adding to the mounting list of things you have to organise. Simplify matters by booking all flights through one wedding travel agency. That way you can ensure everyone arrives on time, and secure the best deals.

Book Ahead

While spontaneity can be very romantic, and should be encouraged when proposing, there is nothing romantic about leaving your wedding preparations to the last minute. Not only are you likely to find your dream destination already booked by someone with a little more forethought, but also all the best flights might have gone as well. Do you really want that 18-hour lay-over in Dubai? Booking early allows you to secure the best flights at the best deals, and also schedule your overall wedding costs.

How Safe Is Your Flight?

Sadly, COVID-19 has changed the world of flying for everyone. Budget airlines might offer the cheapest flight, but do they have Hepa filters on their planes? Is there any social distancing aboard? Maybe you do not feel at risk from COVID-19 yourself, but what about your more elderly parents. Of course, you probably don’t have an in-depth knowledge of the hygiene and safety precautions taken out by all airlines, but at Meon Valley we do.

Use a Wedding Travel Planner

Just like you might well turn to a wedding planner to ensure that your special day is perfect and hassle-free, why not turn to a company with years’ of experience arranging flights for weddings? At Meon Valley we can make all the travel and accommodation arrangements for your wedding abroad. We can ensure that everyone arrives on time and at the right place, as well as booking in the best rates. We can even arrange a family villa so that you can all stay together.

Why Meon Valley Travel Is The Perfect Choice?


we book all flights for you

We organise the payments for the whole family and guests so you don't have to chase up cousin Tony for the cost of flights. We can even set up monthly payment plans too free of charge to help spread the cost for you and your guests.


Fund my Honeymoon

Guests or friends can purchase excursions and make payments towards your special trip, which we can set up and organise for you.


24 hour emergency assistance

Fully protected through ATOL, ABTA and you have 24 hour emergency assistance and support.


Appointments at a time convenient to you and your partner

Getting married isn't a full time for most people, so we have flexible bookings outside our normal opening hours, in person or over zoom.