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It’s not just about the event. To do a sports getaway properly, a focus needs to be laid upon the days before, the night after, and all of the details that surround it.

The event itself will already be highly curated and charged with the natural excitement that comes with a great contest. How you’ll set your experience above the norm is by augmenting it with the best the area and time of year have to offer.


A Great Room

Stay in a luxury room or a suite. Even if you don’t spend much time there on the big day, you’ll appreciate it when you do get in, tired and happy, but ready for that extra touch of honour and care only a quality facility can offer.

Great Food

Eat on-site, sure – especially if the food is part of the tradition – but don’t limit yourself to that, and don’t squander the opportunity with a quick bite at a fast-food outlet.

Take in a steak at a quality steakhouse, try some authentic fine dining from a novel country, or ask your travel expert to set up a meal with a spectacular view. You won’t regret it, and it will provide you with yet another set of senses that will remember this amazing experience.

Easy Travel

It’s tempting to ‘just get there’ and start the fun once on site, but this steals a great opportunity to reset your system into holiday mode. Arrange a flight in a higher class, a luxury train trip, a chauffeured car, or a fantasy car hire – anything that tells you, from the very start, that this is no ordinary holiday – it’s a dream trip.

Major sporting events to combine with a holiday

Do it right, and anywhere you go will be a great time, but choose an event or sport that is close to your heart, and there is little else on Earth that will compare to it. Here are a few suggestions.



Despite it being the oldest tennis tournament in the world, Wimbledon still draws the crowds. Immerse yourself in the excitement, the anticipation. The most recognisable faces of the sport will flash in and out of your view, amid gleaming white lines and clothing, fresh green courts, and the ping and pop of the world’s very best tennis will be a joy to hear.

The Ashes

You may not get to see your footie team take home the big prize, but you can cheer on England in this iconic contest of Test Cricket prowess. Take it in on British soil, or amp up the trip and head Down Under. We don’t need to tell you the amazing extras possible on a trip like that.


Monaco GP

This annual race is perhaps the best known in the world. It combines the thrills of high-speed, tight-cornering motorsport with the glamour and refinement of Monaco – and few things can be better than that.

Take it in and bask in the envious nods of peers and rivals alike. Want to really combine a great experience with nuclear-powered bragging rights? Add the Indianapolis 500 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans to your annual holiday plans; make it a Triple Crown year.

The Superbowl

Sure, they got the name of the game wrong, but no one can deny that one thing the American’s do like no other is the spectacle.

Even if you don’t have a favourite team, the over-the-top excitement, fireworks, music, star-studded stands and field, and even jaw-dropping marching band performances – well, you’ll be left breathless, balancing that giant burger or hot dog as it all unfolds before you.

You’ll need a quiet, luxurious room just to absorb it all afterwards!


Americas Cup

Yes, it’s called the Americas Cup, but unlike the Superbowl trophy, this nautical honour is open to anyone fast enough to take it. This oldest international sporting trophy is considered among the most difficult to win, and the prestige surrounding it is substantial. Add that to the fact that the location of the race changes each year, and you have the formula for an excellent holiday experience.


Whatever your sports tastes, you’re very likely to find something you like at the Olympic Games. Add to the sport itself the excitement and pageantry of a tournament that is truly global, and you have a heady mix of potential excitement.

Tickets are sometimes hard to come by though, especially for certain popular events. Accommodation, too, often sells out years in advance. Lucky for you, travel experts often procure, or have access to, selected locations that have been pre-purchased and held for a top-tier client just like you.

Fantasy Football Match (at any level)

Whereas the Olympics don’t have a suitable preliminary event that holds the same level of excitement, it might be different when it comes to football. After all, unless your cherished team is in the finals, or anywhere near to them, you’ll be going to see somebody else’s team. A great experience? Sure. But not the experience.

Instead, plan to take in the ‘game of the season’ of your favourite team – but do it in high style. The best rooms. The best food. The best seats.

It’s the only way to get every molecule of joy from a favourite sporting event… and it’s totally worth it.

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