The Trip to Greece Locations

Discover The Trip to Greece locations, where Rob and Steve stayed and what makes these places so magical and worth the visit.

The Trip, with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, though at first blush promising endless silliness and awkward tension, brings with it so much more than that.

The two actors play fictionalised versions of themselves, bringing an edgy focus on their particular peccadilloes, and the result is a deeply satisfying blend of reality and comedy.

Add to this the rich shots of food and grand landscapes, running commentary and reviews peppered in amongst the banter, and it is an easy-moving, enjoyable hybrid of a travel program and excellent British comedy.

The comedy we’ll leave to the pros, but for ‘The Trip to Greece’ locations? Let’s take a look.

Where was The Trip to Greece filmed?

The Trip To Greece - Temple of Athena

Turkey & Assos – Overlooking the stunning Aegean Sea

Beginning on the coast of Turkey at the eastern edge of the Aegean, the duo eat and stay at the lovely Ida Blue, with its charming and varied rooms, each fitted and designed for luxury and comfort, and its stunning grounds and sea views.

The Museum of Troy, Temple of Athena at Assos, and beautiful coastal views highlight this region, but the focus of the trip, and the best of its backdrops, is yet to come.

Kavala - Hotel Imaret

Kavala – A thriving city in North East Greece

They travel up to Kavala and stay in the Hotel Imaret, with its beautiful Ottoman architecture and stunning views of the bay. Warm, earthy colours and rows of hammered-metal domes adorning the rooftops each lend a sense of Eastern mysticism to the place. The cool-comfort of luxurious rooms are a welcome foil to the heat and bright sun of the day.

The birthplace of Aristotle is here, and the location where part of Mama Mia was filmed (the ‘Dancing Queen’ sequence, for those of you in the know) is also in the area.

The Trip To Greece - Pelion

Pelion – Stunning coastal resorts and hillside villages

Their trip from Kavala to Pelion follows the coast west and south, taking in stunning coastal views including that from the Danai Beach Resort and Villas, in Nikiti.

The white, wooden structures here are set off against red cliffs and rugged, seaside trees, but there is nothing but ease, comfort and style in the resort. Room-side infinity pools, a daring – and successful – blend of modern and historical décor, and the added fun of luxurious beachfront tents and water sports make this a place worth spending more time than just a lunch.

Their next stop is the Archontiko Sakali Masion Hotel on Mount Pelion, nestled among the trees on a stunning clifftop. Rustic luxury and a clifftop view of the water mark this hotel, giving it a very different vibe that the typical waterfront Greek resort, but it’s done well, and worth the stay.

The Trip To Greece - Athens

Athens – The capital, dominated by historic landmarks

Diving south to Athens, they arrive at the Hotel Grande Bretagne in its fully urban setting. With a view of the Parthenon that will have you doubting your eyes, and décor that mixes the best of 1930’s style and opulence with modern luxuries and facilities, the Grande Bretagne is an ideal place from which to foray out into the wonders of this ancient city and its surroundings.

Athens perhaps needs no introduction, and must-see sites include the Acropolis Museum (and indeed the Acropolis itself), the Parthenon, and the Temple of Hephaestus.

The Trip To Greece - Hydra

Hydra – Classy and cosmopolitan

Arrival on the island of Hydra, a specially-preserved area of Greece,  the duo spends the night in the Hydrea Hotel, an establishment of quality and comfort, though not opulent, that makes an ideal spot for casual appreciation of the natural beauty of the area.

The harbourside terrace is an excellent place to enjoy a fine meal or a tray of fruit and pastries. The classic Greek seaside architecture, viewed through the tangle of sailing-yacht masts and rigging, will put a smile on your face and ease your cares.

While there, it’s worth seeing Bisti Beach, Vlychos Beach, the Profitis Ilias Monastery, and Mount Eros, among other sites.

The Trip To Greece - Mani

The Mani Peninsula – Quiet and secluded with Medieval castles

On the Mani Peninsula, they stay in the Pirgos Mavromichali, where the turquoise shallows give way to the deep blue of the deeper water, with flashes of white from the smattering of anchored sailing and motor yachts, and the eye is drawn out to the rugged island landscape beyond it.

Clouded hilltops in the distance bring ancient gods to mind, and one can almost imagine them enthroned on the heights, looking back at the hotel guests, as they eat their lunches and enjoy the breeze.

The terrace is open and lovely, all in local stone, and the rooms range from crisp and comfortable, to some unique and truly beautiful accommodations. The water views and the little nooks and crannies of the terraces are really the stars here though, and you will enjoy finding new – or favourite – spots to relax and take refreshment.

You’ll want to check out the Messini amphitheatre, the Diros Caves, the village of Gytheion, and take a stroll through the Tower Houses of Vathia.

The Trip To Greece - Ithaca

Ithaca – Full of mythology

The series ends on the western island of Ithaca, and the Perantzada Art Hotel. Bright, airy rooms, earth-tones, neutrals and clean lines best describes the décor. Rooms are comfortable and well-decorated, but not lavish, and a casual vibe pervades the place. Views are stunning, as usual in Greece, with classic white walls and red roof tiles scattered up rugged green hillsides, the water broad and flat beneath them.

Relax on the omega-shaped Voidokilia Beach, walk through Nestor’s ancient palace (1300 BC) and visit the home of Odysseus, in Ithaca.

Visit The Trip to Greece locations and begin you’re own adventure… you’ll be so glad you did.

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