Luxury Holidays in Tanzania

With the vast grasslands of the Serengeti, the highest mountain in Africa and intoxicating Zanzibar just off its shores, Tanzania is without doubt a country blessed with natural beauty.

Tailor-Made & Luxury Holidays to Tanzania

The largest country in east Africa, Tanzania is the land of the safari. Elephants, antelopes, lions, leopards and cheetahs roam freely around its vast plains, and in both the Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania has two of the prime locations for safaris in Africa.

That is not to say that Tanzania touring holidays are just about going on safari. Towering some 5,895 metres above sea-level Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in Africa. It takes a week to acclimatise for and climb the highest free-standing mountain in the world, to stand at its snow-capped peak.

Tanzania has more than a thousand kilometres of coastline as well as a myriad of islands in the Indian Ocean. The most famous of these is exotic Zanzibar with its rich history of spice, a must on anyone’s Tanzania holidays.

The vast coastline allows you to get away from the crowds and enjoy the most amazing white sand beaches, excellent diving and becalmed coves. 

Or you can immerse yourself in the local culture, whether this is viewing some of the wonderful rock art, hunting with the Maasai or shopping at a traditional market in Arusha. The opportunities to explore this wonderful country are simply too many to ignore. 

Our favourite Stays in Tanzania

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Places to visit in Tanzania

Dar es Salaam is a bustling capital full of life. Explore Kivukoni Fish Market or enjoy some mandazi doughnuts with the locals at one of the frenzied cafés.

The 200-year-old Stone Town, capital of Zanzibar, mixes Arab, Indian and African cultures in a city overflowing with culture and the most beautiful doors you will ever encounter. Taste the cinnamon and then explore the spice plantations on this most bewitching of islands, or visit St Joseph’s Cathedral and the colossal Old Fort.

Join the thousands who trek up Mount Kilimanjaro each year, or if that sounds too strenuous cycle around its foothills.

Watch regal lions as they purvey their domain across the plains of the Serengeti or visit the Ngorongoro Crater and marvel at the greatest live animal show on the planet. 

Go on a boat safari through Selous National Park and watch the African fish eagle swoop in on its prey.

Relax on a white sand beach either on Zanzibar’s east coast or perhaps on the remote Pemba Island and reflect on all the amazing animal life you have just seen on you Tanzania touring holidays.

Tanzania Experiences

Few sounds on earth an compete with that of the hooves of the wildebeest during their mass migration across the Serengeti National Park. There is no bad time for watching the most amazing wildlife on display in this quite incredible park. Just allow plenty of time to soak it all in.

Stand at the brim of the Ngorongoro Crater and cast an incredulous eye on all the wildlife unfolding before you. This is the Africa you had pictured in your mind before you set off for Tanzania.

Zanzibar seems like an island lost in time. For centuries an essential link in the Spice Trade, the capital Stone Town will totally bewitch you, with its wonderful aromas and amazing architectural gems. Explore the spice plantations before you spend some time relaxing on the brilliant beaches, or snorkel in the calm waters. Zanzibar would be a destination in its own right if it weren’t for all the amazing safari opportunities on the mainland.

The fourth jewel in Tanzania’s crown is Mount Kilimanjaro. It might take a week to acclimatise for and climb to its snow-capped peak but the views across the nearby plains justify the exertion. Should time – or physical condition – not allow, hike or cycle around the foothills of Kilimanjaro and discover the Chagga culture. 

It would be a pity to travel to Tanzania and ignore the people that have helped create this amazing country. Acquaint yourself with the Maasai warriors in a cultural programme, learn about the Pare burial traditions, or visit a market in Usambara. Whichever cultural experience you opt for, your Tanzania travels will be richer for the endeavour.

Safaris in Tanzania are not reserved to the north of the country. Take a boat safari through Selous Game Reserve or go chimpanzee tracking in the Mahale Mountains or Gombe. Either one is a rich and rewarding experience. 

Although Zanzibar has sensational beaches, if you really wish to get away from it all you can in Tanzania. Mafia is great for diving and has a strong Swahili culture to boot, while the island of Pemba is lush and green with challenging diving. On the mainland Pangani mixes great beaches and ruins, while Mikindani and Lindi are equally worth visiting.  

The most amazing wildlife, an island full of history and spice, stunning beaches and the highest mountain in Africa, Tanzania really has got it all. Why haven’t you visited before?

Best time to visit Tanzania

Visiting Tanzania in January

January is humid and wet, although there is a brief dry season in the Serengeti. A quiet time to see wildlife, especially rhinos.

Visiting Tanzania in February

February is one of the driest months in Zanzibar, so go to the beach. Also, the short dry season continues in the Serengeti.

Visiting Tanzania in March

The rainy season commences and some of the lodges close, and remote roads become impassable. Tanzania is lush but wildlife spotting can prove tricky.

Visiting Tanzania in April

April is the wettest month in the country, as well as humid. Not the best month to visit Tanzania.

Visiting Tanzania in May

May continues the trend set in April. Perhaps not the best month to arrange your Tanzania touring holidays.

Visiting Tanzania in June

June is a great month to visit Tanzania as the dry season commences and the skies clear. Watch the wildebeest migrate in the Serengeti.

Visiting Tanzania in July

July is the driest and coolest month in Tanzania. Head to the south and west of the country if you wish to see some chimpanzees.

Visiting Tanzania in August

August is peak tourism season in Tanzania as the land dries and wildlife spotting becomes simpler. A great time to visit the beaches of Zanzibar but make sure you book in advance.

Visiting Tanzania in September

As the peak season diminishes but the weather stays fine, September is another wonderful month to visit Tanzania. Improved water visibility is great for divers.

Visiting Tanzania in October

As the temperatures rise the chance of an odd shower increases. The terrain is at its driest making this a great time to spot elephants in the plains.

Visiting Tanzania in November

A quiet month for tourism as the rains arrive. There is plenty of wildlife in the Serengeti, although the weather is drier in the south around Selous National Park.

Visiting Tanzania in December

December marks peak season in Zanzibar especially over the festive break. Rains continue but there still is plenty of wildlife in the Serengeti.


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