Luxury Holidays in Madeira

Right in the middle of the Atlantic, the island of Madeira is a haven of natural beauty.

The Greenest Scenery & Panoramic Coastal Views

Madeira is known as the ‘Island of Eternal Spring’ and was voted World’s Leading Island Destination 2018 at the World Travel Awards.

This beautiful island is closer to the African mainland than Europe, and is enveloped in bougainvillea, lilac jacarandas, frangipani and orchids, creating an exotic colourful, picture-perfect landscape. Boasting rugged natural landscapes including rocky coves, mountains and pebble or black-sand beaches, make it perfect for strolling and hikes, aside from walking, Madeira is also an ideal destination for a whole host of other activities.

The Madeira archipelago is made up of two habitable islands, both of which are blessed by stunning scenery and is arguably one of Europe’s most beautiful locations. 

It offers not only an all year round summer climate, as well as wonderful fauna and flora, but it is also virtually crime-free and one of the safest holiday destination in the world. 

From the levadas – long trails through the mountains and hills – to the unique Laurissilva forest, not to mention the marvellous beaches.  Madeira is a haven for nature tourism and with the weather always on your side, this is great destination for all sorts of sporting and leisure activities, out in the open, any time of year. 

Water temperatures range between 19 and 24º C, making for fantastic conditions for snorkeling, diving, sailing, surfing, windsurfing and fishing, all year round. 

Home to some superb hotels,  Madeira is perfect for those wanting to escape the stresses of everyday life. The people are friendly and there are few places where you would enjoy better or more courteous service.

Places to visit in Madeira


Monte Botanical Gardens

Madeira is known for its lush vegetation, and a visit that takes in one of its best-loved gardens provides a perfect insight into the species that grow here. You’ll head first for Monte, perched in the hills above Funchal, which was once a popular health resort and still retains an air of elegance.

The Botanical Garden opened to the public in 1960, once part of an estate belonging to the founder of Reid’s Hotel, it was set up to conserve Madeiran plants that were becoming increasingly rare in the wild. Bursting with colour and scent, its six zones are a delight for gardeners and non-gardeners alike.

Madeira Flower Festival

A two-week-long flower festival held in Funchal each spring is one of the major events in Madeira to celebrate springtime. With colourful costumes, dancers, concerts, flower carpets, exhibits and parades, this is a fragrant and enchanting spectacle not to be missed if you plan to visit the island in spring.

A blooming marvellous time is always had by all.

Walking & The 25 Fontes

Madeira is famed for its walking and hiking, with many visitors spending the entirety of their holiday rambling around the island.

The 25 Fontes (25 fountains) levada is one of the most famous walks in Madeira. Starting in Rabaçal and going to the 25 Fontes, the path reveals many landscapes and wonderful sensations. Visitors travel from far and wide to enjoy the iconic levada trail that leads to 25 fountains, which are the source of the levada. The weeping wall of 25 streams pours down into a pool where hikers can take a very refreshing dip in the cool water. The giant Risco Waterfall can be viewed from a viewpoint along the route and further cements this hike as one of the best on Madeira.

Blandy's Wine Lodge

At Blandy’s Wine Lodge, the heart of a family-run wine business established in 1811, you’ll get a fascinating insight into the difference between Madeira and other fortified wines as you tour the different areas of the establishment.

Nowadays, it is the heart of the family’s wine business where over 650 barrels and vats are stored, ageing the finest of the family’s wines in the traditional “canteiro” method. The guided tours are available from Monday to Friday, and allow you to visit the various areas of the Lodge, followed by a wine tasting. They take place throughout the day and are available in various languages: Portuguese, English, German, French and Spanish.


Dolphin and Whale watching

Madeiras waters are teaming with marine life, so both whale-watching and dolphin-watching cruises are popular.

Madeira is known all over the world for dolphin and whale watching. There are over 20 dolphin species and around 3 whale species you can spot. The best time to see whales, in particular, is between April and October, although the pilot and sperm whales can be seen at any season. You won’t have any problem spotting dolphins as these are around all year.

Take a ride on a cable car

The cable cars in Madeira are a great way to see the island and ocean views and the perfect activity for the whole family. Our favourite cable car is the one in Funchal, a 20-minute ride that goes up to 560 meters high.

As you go up, the environment will evolve and the urban fabric will be replaced by green slopes, hills and valleys, in a journey with the city and the sea in the background. The route ends in Monte, a town with a romantic landscape and surroundings

Experience the Basket Cars

A quirky transportation method in Madeira are the “basket cars”, with more than one hundred years of history. These cars are made of wood and wicker and can carry two to three people. The most fun part is that these basket cars are literally a big basket going down a steep hill with no mechanical breaks, only controlled by two specialized men who make this experience unforgettable.

Our favourite Madeira Hotels

Here is a selection of our most popular Madeira hotels.

These hotels are to get your creative juices flowing, but if you already have a hotel or two in mind, we would love to help tailor make your dream holiday.

5* Savoy Palace


Positioned on a hillside in one of Funchal’s most prestigious neighbourhoods, this grand five-star hotel commands unparalleled views over the nearby bay and nowhere more so than from its rooftop infinity pool, with spectacular panoramas.

A first-class hotel with superb facilities in the heart of Madeira’s vibrant capital, the Savoy Place is an elegant addition to the island’s top-end tourism scene

5* Belmond Reid's Palace


Paradise perfected in a clifftop haven – Step through the doors and into a world of timeless elegance on the on the breathtaking ‘Island of Eternal Spring’.

Situated in a highly convenient location for the surrounding shops, museums and restaurants, although some might just want to enjoy the spectacular gardens of the hotel. The airport is a 20-minute drive away.

5* The cliff Bay


You can expect nothing but the very best at this luxury hotel on the beautifully colourful and lush island of Madeira.

As you arrive – check in comes with a complimentary glass of champagne and your bags are whisked away to your room before you even notice. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not, it’s just par for the course at The Cliff Bay.

When to Visit Madeira

January in Madeira

January is an enjoyable winter month to visit with temperatures in the range of high 19.7C and low 13.7C. Approximately 12 days of rainfall and 10 hours of daylight.

February in Madeira

Another comfortable winter month in Madeira, with average temperature varying between 13.4°C and 19.7°C. Average rainfall of 10 days and approximately 11 hours of daylight.

March in Madeira

The first month of the spring, in Madeira, is a pleasant month, with average temperature varying between 13.9°C and 20.4°C. The rain falls for approximately 9 days with 12 hours of daylight.

April in Madeira

A glorious time of year, with temperatures from 14.4C raising to high of 20.6C. You can still expect some April showers but mostly days filled with sunshine and 13 hours of daylight.

May in Madeira

The last month of spring, temperatures can range from 15.6c up to highs of 21.6C. With an average of 14 hours of daylight it's a great time to go and only 6 days of rain.

June in Madeira

The first month of Summer, June is the most comfortable month for travel to Madeira. Rainfall is at a minimum and again with highs of 23.4C, you will definitely need your sunscreen.

July in Madeira

Another warm summer month, July has highs of 25.1C. The ocean waters are nice and warm but with minimal rainfall and approximately 14 hours of daylight.

August in Madeira

August is also a hot month in Madeira, again with highs of 26.4C. A prime month in which to spend at the beach and again minimal rainfall.

September in Madeira

Still warm with highs of 26C and an average of 6 days of rainfall. A pleasant month to visit and great for outdoor activities like hiking and bike rides.

October in Madeira

A moderately hot autumn month, with comfortable highs of 25C. The sea remains warm with a cooling breeze from the Atlantic. An average of 9 days of rainfall and 11.3 hours of daylight.

November in Madeira

The last month in the Autumn season, Madeira's rainy season begins in November, but still with a nice 10.5 hours of daylight and high temperatures of 22.6C.

December in Madeira

The first month of winter, a cooler but still pleasant time to visit. Average high temperature of 20.7C but one of the wettest months of the year with approximately 10 hours of daylight.

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