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Luxury Canadian Rockies tours

Canada is known the world over as one of the wildest, most beautiful places on earth – but Canada is not just one destination. This second-largest country in the world is diverse, from the quaint fishing villages of the east coast, to the forests of the Appalachian Mountains, to the rugged Rockies and the island-speckled Pacific regions.

Visitors to this beautiful place are spoiled for choice, and here are just a few of our favourite luxury Canadian tours to whet your travel appetite.

Luxury West Coast Canada tours

Canada’s west coast is a stunning area of temperate rain forests, rugged coastline, and jaw-dropping sunsets. The warm winds from the south Pacific roll northward and hit land in this area, creating a milder climate similar to the UK’s, but with the backdrop of Rocky Mountain beauty on one side, and the wildlife-rich Pacific Ocean on the other.

Tour 1 – Stunning Niagara Falls


Visit the vibrant cities of Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, and get under their skin on one of our private guided walking tours. Climbing the CN Tower, getting drenched at Niagara Falls, cruising St Lawrence River’s 1000 islands at Gananoque and exploring the historic ramparts of Old Quebec City.

Tour 2 – British Columbia Wildlife Tour

British Columbia Wildlife Tour​ - Canada​
Discover The British Columbia Wildlife Tour

This northwest region houses some of Argentina’s most inspiring scenery, from colourful mountains and barren salt plains, to spectacular gorges and lunar landscapes. Woven into this tapestry is a strong cultural and gastronomic presence – throughout the tour, discover the indigenous heritage still found in the Andean region and contrast this with multi-cultural Buenos Aires.

Luxury Canadian Rockies tours

The scenery of the Rocky Mountains is among the best anywhere. These rugged peaks live up to their name, throwing jagged slabs of the earth’s crust skyward, creating stunning skylines, providing habitats for a wide range of animals, including elk, moose, bears, wolves, and a rich variety of bird and small animal life.

Snow-crusted mountain peaks above the green of summer growth give visitors a true sense of the elevation and remoteness of the area, while below them luxury accommodations and fine-dining restaurants let you see them in style.

There is a lot to do, from skiing and snowboarding to hiking; sightseeing and shopping to taking in museums and interpretive centres… and your sense of awe at the scenery will persist for the whole of your time there.

Tour 3 – Rocky Mountains By Rail Tour

From the dramatic Pacific Ocean setting of Vancouver, to the laid-back city of Toronto, this incredible adventure takes us across Canada by rail, in style and comfort on board the iconic Rocky Mountaineer and The Canadian, two of the world’s greatest journeys. Journey on 2 iconic railways taking you through some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes.

Luxury Canadian Rockies tours
Luxury Rocky Mountains Tour Canada

Tour 4 – Banff National Park

Banff National Park – Canada Touring Holiday

Combine visits to Banff and Jasper with high-end train travel and finish your luxury Canadian tour in Vancouver. A trip on the Rocky Mountaineer will show you wilderness scenery that only expert mountaineers and explorers otherwise get to see, and it will do it in stylish comfort, with culinary masterpieces near to hand.

Tour 5 – Canada Car Tour

Canada Car Tour Holiday

Touring the Rockies by car offers the security of a planned route and luxury accommodations combined with the flexibility of driving a private vehicle. Roads can be icy though, and large vehicles from the logging and haulage industries are common in the area, so this option requires the care and skill of an experienced driver. Speak to the team and we can organise one-way car hire, so you don’t have to return the car at the end of your trip.

Luxury Arctic Tundra tours

The northern extremes of the Canadian prairies are beyond the scope of imagination; it is a vast, untamed wilderness… but luxury Canadian tours go here too!

Most of the area is still the unchallenged realm of some of the most stunning wildlife on the planet. For those intrepid enough to go for it – a luxury tour in the Canadian North is a life-changing experience in wonder to be remembered ever after.

In the west you can combine your Arctic adventure with the northern extremes of the Rocky Mountains, a range that runs up the western edge of North America for more than 3000 miles (4800km).

Tour 6 – Polar bear tour in a Tundra Buggy

Canada Tundra Tour

Take a tour onto the frozen wastes and see polar bears up close. You’ll not only get the chance to see them, but your tourism will also help encourage steps to preserve them by showing a financial benefit to keeping their habitat intact. These massive animals are dwindling in numbers due to the melting of ocean ice.

You’ll be perfectly safe in the purpose-built Tundra-Buggy which has been described as a cross between a National Express coach and a monster truck, but you’ll still feel the thrill of being so close to these powerful predators. Fly back from Churchill to Winnipeg and spend some luxurious days and nights fine dining and reliving your polar bear experience.

Luxury Great Lakes tours

We often think of ocean cruises, and river cruises are growing in popularity too, but among the natural riches of Canada are the Great Lakes – and these provide some excellent options for luxury Canadian tours.

When the ice sheets receded from the area, nearly 15,000 years in the past, they scraped away earth leaving deep gouges and hollows on the surface, which are now the five Great Lakes. Shared with the United States, these massive bodies of water cover an area of nearly a quarter of a million square kilometres!

Luxury Great Lakes tours

Sitting amid the confluence of American, Aboriginal, English-Canadian and French-Canadian cultures, along with that particular Great Lakes vibe, the area provides a wealth of different places to see and people to meet. Food is excellent and draws on the best of each culture as well as offering delicious traditional versions that have stood the taste-test of time.

Experience charming villages and locations that embody the particular culture of French Canada, or take in the history of Mackinac Island, returning after each excursion to your luxurious cabin for a night of cruising the open waters of some of the largest lakes in the world. The Soo Locks will take you between Lake Huron and Lake Superior, where you can meet local Ojibwe people and learn what life was like in North America in more ancient times.

Between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario lie the iconic Niagara Falls, one of the largest-volume waterfalls in the world. The Canadian side is the largest of the two branches and boasts some pretty amazing views. You can even go up close to the crashing waters in one of the smaller tour boats and get a true feel for the power and size of these natural wonders.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg – and one of the best parts of cruising the Great Lakes? No icebergs.

Tour 7 – Chicago to Toronto

Take a cruise from Chicago to Toronto. You’ll get to stop and visit a lot of points of cultural interest, see some stunning scenery, and return from each venture to your room aboard the ship. This lets you settle into your luxury accommodations without being tied down to one location.

Tour 8 – Montreal

Hire a car and drive between some of the major cities along the shoreline. Take in historic Montreal and its unique, French-Canadian culture. View major ports for industry, both historic and current-day, and see where battles too place between French and English and First Nations forces.

You can stay in high-end accommodation, tour an area for the best spots to see, and then move on to a fresh region to explore. Don’t forget to try some of the excellent fine dining and street foods the area has to offer.

Luxury East Coast Canada tours

The east coast of Canada is home to some of the oldest settlements on the continent, and the earliest European contact. Quaint fishing villages dot the coastlines of rugged, weather-beaten islands or nestle in secluded coves, colourful buildings a testament to the joy and friendliness of the hardy locals.

Luxury holidays here include whale watching, ocean cruises and historical and cultural tours that are interesting and inspirational at once. Old cities like Halifax, capital of Nova Scotia, are home to pedigreed luxury hotels and stunning boutique offerings, giving visitors a range of high-end accommodation options throughout a range of tastes and preferences.

The Halifax waterfront is a favourite with visitors and locals alike, affording lovely views over the ocean and historic town as you take in the fresh air, coastal sounds, and friendly atmosphere brimming with Canadian hospitality. The old warehouses have been converted into shops, cafés and pubs and are a delight to wander and pick up a keepsake or two, or gifts for those back at home.

Road trips are also popular holidays in the region, as travelling by car over the winding roads reveals sudden expanses of ocean scenery, coastal views that look like paintings come to life, and hidden spots of intense charm.

Tour 9 – Nova Scotia to Prince Edward Island

Nova Scotia

Hire a car and follow a planned route through Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island (PEI). Doing a tour by car allows you to deviate from your plans if you spot something that piques your interest. Planning the route means you’ll be sure to have top-notch accommodations along the way.

Tour 10 – Canada Cruise

Canada Cruise Holiday

Don’t’ feel like driving yourself? Take a cruise around the islands, allowing for the best scenery as you move along the coast and glide into hidden coves and ports. Day excursions allow you to see sites in the interior of the islands and then you return to the familiarity of your private cabin – or you could choose a tour with a hotel option.

Whichever way you do it, this is a luxury Canadian tour you’ll never forget.

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