Will British Airways resume non-stop flights to the Seychelles

British Airways Nonstop Flights to Seychelles

Due the pandemic British Airways ceased their non-stop flight route to the Seychelles. We are hopeful that they will resume this service but to date nothing has been confirmed, in the meantime you can fly indirect to this beautiful island.

British Airways Nonstop Flights to Seychelles

Back in March 2018 British Airways announced that they were launching a direct service to the Seychelles from Heathrow Terminal 5 and we were so excited to hear this as they would be the only airline to offer non-stop flights to the Seychelles. Unfortunately, since the pandemic British Airways has scrapped this service along with 15 other routes, however, we are hopeful that as consumer confidence and demand increases that these routes will be re-instated.

Are you considering a Seychelles holiday? British Airways offer indirect flights and or packages with Qatar Airways via Doha.

Discover the Seychelles

The Republic of Seychelles comprises 115 islands in the western Indian Ocean with a climate which is always warm and does not reach extremes of hot or cold. The Southern Islands lie outside the cyclone belt making the Seychelles’ a year round destination for sun worshippers and beach lovers.

Temperatures are generally cooler during the months of November to March and the sea is generally calm with warm and humid weather.

A larger amount of the annual rainfalls fall during the months of December to February and generally cloudier with less sunshine. The weather is hottest from December to April with humidity in excess of 80%.

The Seychelles although a comparatively young nation is steeped in history dating back to 1770 and representative of a melting pot of cultures from all across the world.
There are three official languages in the Seychelles, Creole, English and French although many Seychellios are also fluent Italian or German.

Our expert travel consultant Josie Munt will be visiting the Seychelles next week so she will have first-hand knowledge of where to go and what to see.

Josie’s Seychelles Itinerary:

Day 1 – Arrival at the Seychelles International Airport and transfer to the Constance Ephelia Resort & Spa.

Day 2 – Visit Victoria, incl Bel Air Cemetery and Eden Island.

The Bel Air Cemetery, undoubtedly the oldest historic site in Seychelles, was the first official burial ground to be opened on Mahé. The cemetery’s tombs, vaults and shrines contain the remains of some of the islands’ most famous personalities such as corsair Jean-Francois Hodoul and the 9ft giant Charles Dorothée Savy. Also the remains of the mysterious Pierre-Louis Poiret, claimed by some to be the son of Louis XVI who fled the French Revolution and took refuge in Seychelles.

The Victoria Clocktower, is the most prominent feature of Seychelles’ small capital, and has acted as a focal point for nearly 100 years. The Clocktower is an elegant replica of the clock (Big Ben) that was first erected in London in 1897.

A visit to Mahé’s busy and colourful market is the way to get a feel for the Seychellois and their way of life. Built in 1840 and renovated in 1999, it remains the bustling heart of the capital and definitely the best place to buy fresh fruits, fish, vegetables and spices.

Day 3 – Transfer to and visit Praslin Island and staying at the Constance Lemuria Hotel.

Day 4 – Visit of the Vallee De Mai – UNESCO’s world heritage site, Baie Ste Anne Jetty and La Digue Island, Anse Source d’Argent

The legendary Vallée de Mai is Seychelles’ second UNESCO World Heritage Site. So remarkable that it was once believed to be the original site of the Garden of Eden, this hauntingly beautiful primeval forest is home to some 6000 Coco-de-mer trees, considered to be among the botanical wonders of the world. The Vallée boasts six endemic palm species as well as many other indigenous trees and is also the last habitat of the endangered Black Parrot. Entrance fee is at SCR350 per person, to be settled directly.

Anse Source d’Argent is reputed to be the most photographed beach in the world. With its soft white sand, clear turquoise water and huge granite boulders sculptured by the elements and time itself, it is not difficult to see why photographers and film makers still love to come here. The sea is sheltered by the reef, and is very calm and shallow, with only sand underfoot which makes it safe for children. Access to the beach via L’Union Estate requires an entrance fee of SCR100 for non-residents. (Please settle directly on site)

Day 5 – Return to the UK

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