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Tailor-Made & Luxury Holidays to Botswana

Landlocked Botswana is the ideal country to go on an African safari. Without all that enticing coastline to distract you Botswana focuses on big game and when we say big, we mean big!

Botswana has an abundance of wildlife meaning that you are certain to have amazing viewing wherever you choose to have your tent pitched for you.

The country has turned its back on mass tourism to usher in the era of exclusive safari. Whether you prefer a sumptuous lodge or tented camps in the most remote corners of the country, Botswana touring holidays have exactly the right fit for you. 

Set your own pace and travel from campsite to campsite, and listen to the sounds of the animals as you settle beside the camp fire. Or dine in sumptuous elegance as you wallow in safari nostalgia. This is how safaris should be experienced.

Botswana is not just about safaris. The Kalahari Dessert, the longest uninterrupted stretch of sand in the world spreads its way along the west of the country overflowing into Namibia. Expect salt plans, dried river valleys, roaring lions and towering baobabs as you travel along its sandy way.

Above all else, Botswana has space. Oodles and oodles of it. So if you were planning to get away from it all on your next holidays, Botswana could be just the place for you.

Our favourite Stays in Botswana

Here is a selection of our most popular places to stay in Botswana.
These are just a sample of the holidays available, but if you already have a place in mind, we would love to help tailor-make your dream holiday.

Places to visit in Botswana

The Okavango Delta is a 5,850-sqm flood plain that fans out into the dessert with a myriad of crystal clear channels and deep lagoons surrounded by palm trees that attracts the most wonderful wildlife from crocodiles to hippos and elephants as well as the most amazing birdlife.

Okavango might be the home of the luxury safari but it does not hold exclusive rights. Botswana is littered with tented camps and exclusive lodges you can only access by boat or air. Either Chobe National Park, which has more elephants than anywhere else in the world – 100,000 of them –, or the Central Kalahari Game Reserve is well worth a visit. 

The Moremi Game Reserve has a more inclusive taste, not just in the visitors that it takes as in the wildlife that is on offer, from big cats to antelope and the most varied array of birdlife.

The Kalahari is the largest protected wilderness in Africa. Makgadikgadi is part of the most expansive network of salt pans on earth. Baobabs rise majestically in the distance as meerkats get on their feet to stand guard, while everywhere the black-maned lions prowl in wait. 

Finally, there are the Tsodilo Hills that contain some 4,000 cave paintings dating back thousands of years, in a place so remote you might even have them all to yourselves.

Botswana Experiences

Botswana touring holidays are all about luxury safaris. Most are based in the Okavango Delta, although you can also find them in neighbouring Linyanti, Chobe National Park and the Central Kalahari Game Reserve.

Whether you choose a luxury lodge or a tented camp you are sure to be serenaded by the sound of Africa’s wildlife at night, while spotting the most amazing game during the day. With more than 100,000 elephants in Chobe National Park, you are sure to have your surfeit of this most wonderful of beasts.

Although other countries in Africa have safaris, the great attraction of Botswana lies in its exclusivity. Watch Africa’s amazing wildlife without becoming distracted by your fellow tourists taking selfies, and soak in all this open space.

One of the best ways to explore the Okavango Delta is by mokoro, a dugout canoe. With no engine to disturb the wildlife you will be able to feast your eyes on the game gathering by the waters, as your pilot punts you through the peaceful waters.

Alternatively, take to the skies and fly over the Okavango Delta by helicopter. Many companies compete for your tourist dollar in the town of Maun. Try to choose one without doors so as to maximise your viewing as you see one of the greatest animal spectacles on earth.

Part of the attraction of visiting any country is to meet the local people. At Ghanzi and nearby D’Kar you can discover how the San people have hunted and foraged for bushfire in the Kalahari for thousands of year. 

Visit the Unesco World Heritage Site Tsodillo Hills where more than 4,000 paintings, some dating back thousands of years, adorn the cliffs and caves. Still sacred to the San people these paintings stand testament to man’s constantly changing relationship with the natural world.

Above all else, whatever you do on your Botswana touring holidays, relax and enjoy the great expanse of nature opening up before you. After all you never know when you next will return.

Best time to visit Botswana

Visiting Botswana in January

The temperature is hot in Botswana in January with occasional thunderstorms. The height of the wet season sees lush grass and newborns.

Visiting Botswana in February

February remains hot and wet throughout Botswana, with the Central Kalahari sprouting lush grassland.

Visiting Botswana in March

March sees the rains start to draw to an end, although the temperatures remain hot.

Visiting Botswana in April

As temperatures start to fall, the days also become drier. Breeding season for antelope sees them trying to attract their mates with extravagant displays.

Visiting Botswana in May

May is a good month to visit Botswana as temperatures are most pleasant, and though the dry season has arrived the peak season has yet to reach full flow.

Visiting Botswana in June

As the winter sets in the nights can become chilly so pack a jacket. The lack of rainfall makes animal spotting easier around waterholes.

Visiting Botswana in July

Arguably July is the best month to visit Botswana, as it is both the driest and coolest month. Also, the waters of the Okavango start to rise.

Visiting Botswana in August

August is another great month for visiting Botswana, as the temperatures climb the nights are less chill. The Okavango Delta is now at peak level making wildlife easier to spot.

Visiting Botswana in September

Temperatures continue to rise and many parts of the country become dusty due to the lack of rain. Spotting wildlife becomes easier around receding waterholes.

Visiting Botswana in October

October is the hottest month in Botswana with temperatures rising to 40C, and the rains start to reappear. Water levels begin to fall in the Delta.

Visiting Botswana in November

As the rains fall the heat shows no sign of relenting. The plains start to don a green hue and the odd newborn may be spotted.

Visiting Botswana in December

Thunderstorms break the heat of the day as the rains intensify. Newborns enjoy the grass making its appearance in the landscape.


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