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From incredible food and wine to jaw dropping natural wonders, Argentina has it all for an all encompassing touring holiday.

Tailor Made & Escorted Tours to Argentina

The second largest country in South America behind Brazil, and the eighth in the world, Argentina has perhaps played second fiddle to its next door neighbour, especially in terms of tourism. This is a pity, as travelling through Argentina is varied and wonderful. The country is blessed with an amazing array of terrain from the dry pampas in the North to the icy glaciers in the south. With its stunning landscapes and rich culture, the country has more than enough to please any visitor on their Argentina holidays.

Arguably the capital Buenos Aires is the most fascinating city in South America. Its food – especially for carnivores – is beyond compare. The home of the tango, Buenos Aires has great museums and open parks as well as distinct districts that provide lots of local colour.

Nowadays, Argentina is as vaunted for its wine as for its steak. Mendoza in the west of the country is the heart of the wine producing area, but there are many other places where you can explore the country’s wonderful viticulture.

But more than the cities, food and wine, Argentina is about nature. With two of the most incredible natural wonders in the world in the Iguazu Falls and the Perito Moreno Glacier, as well as the vast expanse of Patagonia, Bariloche and the Lake District, and in Mount Aconcagua, at 6,960 metres the highest point in the Americas, you are bound to stand in awe at the natural beauty of this most amazing country. All that without mentioning Terra del Fuego, literally the ‘land of fire’ that feels like you are standing at the end of the world.

Our favourite Argentina Tours

Here is a selection of our most popular Argentinean touring holidays.

These tours are to get your creative juices flowing, but if you already have a tour in mind, we would love to help tailor make your dream holiday.

Buenos Aires to Rio


Connecting two of South America’s most captivating cities, this trip takes us from the tango-filled streets of Buenos Aires to the samba rhythms in Rio de Janeiro. It has been purposefully planned with lots of free time so you can make the most of your trip, allowing you to either explore as much as you want, or perhaps to relax and soak up the atmosphere.

Wine & Landscapes Tour


This northwest region houses some of Argentina’s most inspiring scenery, from colourful mountains and barren salt plains, to spectacular gorges and lunar landscapes. Woven into this tapestry is a strong cultural and gastronomic presence – throughout the tour, discover the indigenous heritage still found in the Andean region and contrast this with multi-cultural Buenos Aires.

Trekking in Patagonia


Feel the contrast as you trek the W Hike through the Patagonian wilderness and explore the urban metropolis of Santiago. From camping near the end of the earth and witnessing gargantuan glaciers to indulging in the modernity of Buenos Aires, this trip will reward those with a sense of adventure, an appreciation of nature and an interest in diversity.

Argentina Touring highlights

The food and Wine

The food scene is among the strongest in South America. Even if Argentinean steak cooked on a parrilla grill is not for you, then you really should go on a food tour around the city, especially if this includes some of the excellent wine. This will also allow you to discover some of the city’s colourful districts including the wonderful Palermo and Recoleta.

Argentinean wine needs little introduction. One of the best Argentina tours is to go around one of the wineries in Mendoza, the centre of the country’s wine industry, and global leader in production of Malbec red wine. There are lots of different tours and wineries catering to everyone’s budget.

Do the tango

Nothing encapsulates the Argentinean spirit more than the tango. Is there a more passionate dance in the world? Buenos Aires is the home of the tango, and either watching people perform or taking some tango classes yourself is an absolute must Argentina travel experience.


Further south stretches the inhospitable Patagonia region. In the 19th century Welsh farmers settled here, and still now you can see embers of the Welsh communities they created here in towns such as Trelew and Gaiman. An interesting Argentina tour is to combine visiting the Wales of Argentina with the whales slightly further north in the Valdes Peninsula, near the very Welsh sounding Puerto Madryn.

End of the earth

Finally, literally travel to the end of the Earth at Ushuaia, the furthermost city in the world. Ushuaia has an other-worldliness to it, that makes you feel like Shackleton about to set off on an exhibition. From here you can either cruise around Cape Horn and through the Strait of Magellan to Punta Arenas in Chile, or if you are really up for an adventure board a liner heading for Antarctica.

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