12 Destinations to watch in 2018

12 Destinations to watch in 2018

1 Argentina
The best steaks in the world, a sophisticated capital city, the wide plains of the Pampas, glaciers of Patagonia and the breathtaking Iguazu falls, all at very affordable prices.


2 Arizona

Some of the most dramatic, iconic landscapes in the world; where reality is so much more impressive than in the classic western movies.


3 British Columbia

The welcoming land of winter sports, lakes, forests, vineyards and friendly towns. It is perfect for active holidaymakers who make the most of its awe-inspiring locations by hiking, kayaking and in the long winter, skiing.


4 Germany

Amazing cities blending the best of old and new architecture, cutting edge cultural experiences from world class orchestras to art galleries, fairytale castles and magical winter markets.


5 Malta

Thousands of years of history, incredible honey coloured towns and world-class diving make Malta very hard to beat.


6 Montenegro

A perfect compact package of unspoilt countryside, beautiful high quality resorts and pine-clad hills dropping to the clear Adriatic Sea.


7 Nepal

Truly unforgettable experiences await in this intensely spiritual country, where you will be guided by hospitable local people through towering mountains and national parks teaming with wildlife.


8 New Zealand

An alluring mix of Polynesia and Europe with incredibly diverse scenery, stunning coastlines, delicious wine and food and intensely proud but welcoming inhabitants.


9 Rwanda

This award winning sustainable African jewel packs a great deal in and its people treasure and respect their heritage of lush and diverse forests, fertile plantations and a wide range of wildlife.


10 St Lucia

In 2018 a year of festivals takes place in this friendly Caribbean paradise, all set in crystal clear waters with coral reefs and brilliantly coloured fish, so come and join the carnival!


11 Sweden

The Swedes have a word for it “Lagom” – everything in perfect balance – and when you visit this country of beautiful design and cities, stunning countryside and Baltic beaches you will agree.


12 Turkey

An incredible land, rich in history, culture, beautiful beaches and wonderful cuisine, Turkey offers great value-for-money holidays in picturesque resorts.

Credit – ABTA Travel Trends

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