What is the Manchester City Visitor Charge?

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What is the Manchester City Visitor Charge?

Coming into effect on 1st April 2023, the Manchester City Visitor Charge is a tourist tax that requires visitors to pay an additional fee when staying overnight in Manchester’s hotels, hostels, and other accommodations. The tax will be £1 per night and will be used to fund various cultural and tourism initiatives.

How will this charge affect my rate?

This mandatory £1.00 per room, per night charge, will be added to the final accommodation bill, we expect most providers to include this in their room rate while others will include it as a separate charge on their invoice. The City Visitor Charge is not subject to VAT.

This charge will be implemented for all bookings beginning 1st April 2023, therefore all stays that begin from this date (regardless of when you book your stay) will be required to pay the City Visitor Charge.

Where can I find out more about the Manchester City Visitor Charge?

You can learn more about the Manchester City Visitor Charge by visiting the Manchester City Council’s website or contacting them directly. You can also check with your travel management company to see if they have any information or policies related to the tax.

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