AirPortr services are UK Aviation Security Regulation Compliant and we are an official partner of Heathrow and Gatwick airports. All drivers are subject to strict interview processes and criminal background checks so you can be reassured your bags are in safe hands. Security is our priority, all bags are sealed in Tamper Aware Bags (TABs) or Tamper Aware Seals (TASs) upon collection and remain sealed until they are handed over to British Airways for your flight, at which point the TABs/TASs are removed. Vehicles also remain locked at all times when in service.Your bags still go through the same security procedures when they arrive at the airport as if you were checking in your bags in person. However, AirPortr also provides an additional level of security as we security screen all bags before delivery to the airport.To put your mind at rest you can also track your bags throughout delivery.