Travel In-The-Know – With Meon Valley and Safeture

Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones
Last Updated: 21 April 2021

Now more than ever we are aware of the risks of travel, both for ourselves and for those who work for us. Whether your employees go into high-risk areas or not, circumstances can change quickly, and the ability to know about – and keep on top of – these situations can mean a lot to the care and safety of you and those who travel for you.

Meon Valley and Safeture

Meon Valley Travel have now added Safeture to the array of services offered to our clients.

Among the services is an up-to-date, global map of every country on Earth, with a quick-reference showing any restrictions due to Covid-19, what has been closed by government order, and whether there are any quarantine measures in place.

Have a look below to try it out. 

Safety Information and Advice

The app can ping the traveller’s phone in response to changes in weather, political or health circumstances at the destination.

Since it is updated in real time, your travellers won’t be the last to get to the hire car counter or flight desk when plans for travel need to change in a hurry. That can mean the difference between getting the job done or spending the weekend on a cot in an airport terminal.

The app also keeps track of where the user is travelling and provides the appropriate emergency numbers for medical, fire or law enforcement help. There is also an ‘SOS Button’ that connects the user to a custom receiver. This receiver can be the employer, the team leader, the Meon Valley rep – whoever the client wants it to be. One click = Contact.

Premium Services

Meon Valley and Safeture

Along with the map are many other features, available to clients as part of certain packages and contracts.

Culture and Convenience

The service goes beyond that though. Most of the time there won’t be safety concerns for your travel, but there will almost always be multicultural interaction.

The service includes a real-time welcome upon arrival in a new country, along with cultural dos and don’ts – so you always start off on a good note.

These tips will help you know how best to travel in each area, and what the general expectations are when doing business. Since these expectations are often engrained in those you’re going to meet, they are both important to them, and not necessarily something they would know to warn you about. The app can bridge that gap.

Part of a new place is a new currency, and the app will keep its user informed of the current rates of exchange, which currency(s) is accepted in the area, and other useful financial tips.

Travel Notifications

The app is also a conduit for travel information from Meon Valley and the traveller’s employer. Flight changes, delays, upgrades, meeting changes and other useful information is quickly and easily passed to the traveller. No muss, no fuss. Just quick, reliable information – in an instant.


From those dropping into political hotspots or natural disasters to those navigating new cities to reach an important sales meeting, travellers of all kinds can benefit from the convenience, safety and ease of the Safeture app, supported and provided to you by your travel expert.

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