Top tips for Administrators and PAs booking travel

As the primary bookers and organisers of travel within an organisation, Administrators and Assistants need to have up to date information regarding travel restrictions.

Good news, whether or not you are a customer, you can speak to Meon Valley Travel to find out about travel restrictions. We have access to newly built software that can do in-depth analysis and gives us access to up to date information, whether it be Berlin or Barbados. Feel free to email [email protected] to test us out on our knowledge and keep me on my toes!

1. Tracking where your staff are.

Software like our COVID-19 tracker helps you record where your travellers are now, where they have been and it puts it in a nice and easy to read format.

2. What will happen if I book travel and a pandemic hits the world again?

Should we enter a similar or the same scenario again, we are prepared to address challenges head-on with procedures and policies put in place. By booking with a Travel Agent you will be financially covered by ATOL and ABTA. With all our recent efforts and negotiations many of our suppliers now offer greater flexibility in their booking policies having learned from this current pandemic.

3. I have heard that Travel Insurance will not be covering a pandemic anymore. Is this correct?

When planning or booking your travel or a holiday you must always research travel insurance and make sure you are satisfied with their cover.  You will usually find pandemics in the small print under Travel Disruption or Catastrophe Cover. If you are unsure, we are more than happy to assist you and although we don’t offer Travel Insurance ourselves we may be able to direct you towards reputable insurance companies who can assist with full details of their own policy terms and conditions. Call 0116 264 5279 to get free advice from our team.

You can also find out more here… Does Travel Insurance cover Coronavirus?


4. Tour Operators and other travel suppliers are issuing more flexible booking policies.  What does this mean?

Although many of our suppliers have issued flexible policies, all policies are different.  Therefore, it is not a ‘one size fits all’ scenario.

Our expert travel consultants will talk you through your booking terms at the time of enquiry/booking and will make sure they address any concerns and answer any questions you may have.  We really are here to hold your hand, guiding you through every step of planning and booking your holiday.

5. How do I know if the travel destination is safe?

Meon Valley Travel as your Travel Agent , has access to new software which is not available to the general public and can give greater insights into travel restrictions and changes.

You may hear the phrase FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) –  Here you can find the latest information and advisory notices for every country in the world including local information distributed from the destination itself.

Also, there are some great insights from Safeture. In the free version, you can see an overview of a destination depicted by a traffic light system, but the real value comes from the paid-for version for real in-depth insights.

Safeture has free elements that make it a great resource for travel bookers

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