Top Business Travel Tips from frequent Corporate Travellers

James Dent
James Dent
Last Updated: 17 January 2023

Travelling for work can be challenging. We’ve talked to our clients and leading industry experts to develop this extensive list of business travel tips and tricks to help your next trip go as smoothly as possible.

1. Purposeful Travel

I’ve changed the way I think about travel; I used to travel and go to a meeting. I’m now thinking about how I can make the trip valuable. What else can I do that would be useful while I’m there? I’ll make it an overnight or turn a two-day trip into three and not have to go again three weeks later. Travel less but travel better.

Guy Snelgar, Global Business Travel Director, The Advantage Travel Partnership

2. Carry-On Bags Only

No one wants to drag a large suitcase around the city, not to mention the time saved bypassing the baggage claim. Keep it simple by packing light and you’ll also avoid the pain of your suitcase getting lost.

James Dent, CRM Data Manager, Meon Valley Travel

3. Carry medication in hand luggage

Carry medication and contact lenses in hand luggage in case your case goes AWOL.

PT, Assistance Company

4. Roll rather than fold shirts

Roll rather than fold shirts in your packing to save creases:

James Beagrie, Managing Director, Meon Valley Travel

5. Priority Pass

If you regularly travel short-haul economy then Priority Pass* is a great product for lounge access and comes in handy for family holidays too.

JM, International Recruitment Consultants

6. AMEX Premium Plus Card

Use AMEX Premium plus card for business expenditure and earn 1.5 Avios per £1 spent. This can equate to between 5% and 7% redemption value plus… if you spend over £10 in the year to 22 August annually you get a free companion voucher, and the AMEX Premium Plus card accesses greater redemption flight availability than the standard Avios membership although it does carry an annual fee.

MT, Highstreet Retail

7. Noise-cancelling Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones* are a godsend on low-cost flights with kids.

PT, Assistance Company

8. Add Emergency medical information to your phone

Add emergency medical information on your mobile phone so first responders can access critical info from your phone without a passcode in the event of an accident.

Christine Millson, Repatriations Manager, Meon Valley Travel

9. Plant a tree whenever you travel

Start paying the extra £2 for a tree to be planted whenever you travel, less than 1% of travellers currently tick that box when booking but our children will thank us for it. We work with Trees4Travel for Sustainable Business Travel.

Tony McDaid, Head of Sales Account Management, Meon Valley Travel

10. Always book a hotel room on the first 5 floors of the hotel

Always book a hotel room on the first 5 floors of a highrise hotel so firefighter’s ladders and water can get to you if needed.

GH, Publisher

11. Download the Airline App

Get the airline’s App for check-in and seating as they often update flight delays etc and boarding gates.

James Dent, CRM Data Manager, Meon Valley Travel

12. Pay extra for allocated seating

When airlines overbook and bump passengers they bump those without seat allocations first, so if you’re booking a busy flight it’s worth paying the extra for an allocated seat.

Velichko Ganchev, Director of Technology, Meon Valley Travel

13. Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water inflight (and generally for that matter) it helps massively with jetlag.

AH, Marketing Director, Fashion Retail

14. Be Human

Pay it forward and be human to other travellers who may not be as comfortable on a plane as we are… nervous flyers are a real thing.

SH, Operations Director, Manufacturing

15. Take doughnuts to meetings

Take Krispy Kreme doughnuts to meetings. Who doesn’t love doughnuts?

James Beagrie, Managing Director, Meon Valley Travel

16. Get an app to photograph receipts

Get an app to photograph receipts when paying by smartphone.

BH, Marketing Director, Food Company

17. Photograph your passport

Take a picture of your passport, and have a copy on your phone and a paper copy in your luggage.

Sam Orton, Corporate General Manager, Meon Valley Travel

18. Take a picture of your luggage

Also, take a picture of your suitcase, if it ever gets lost, it’s much easier to describe if you have a photo.

Sam Orton, Corporate General Manager, Meon Valley Travel

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