The Five Best Travel Industry April Fool Campaigns

5 Best Travel Industry April Fool Campaigns

There are several travel companies that dominate April Fool campaigns each year such as Virgin and WestJet who consistently show their brand personality through their campaigns. April Fool campaigns often provide a great way to cross-promote services, show creativity and poke fun at the industry or challenging situations like flying with kids. Below is a selection of our five favourite travel April Fool campaigns

Travel Management Companies (TMCs) have often stayed away from April Fool campaigns as they are often a difficult balancing act.

In today’s corporate social media many ‘LinkedIn Warriors’ are quick to point out inaccuracies, so it is understandable why travel companies don’t want to put their head above the parapet. It is encouraging to see many organisations continuing against the odds to deliver a bit of humour into Corporate Travel.

Travel companies often struggle to portray that element of brand personality, and it is a challenge for organisations to get past Legal, HR and Finance departments who can suck the fun out of campaigns.

April Fool – WestJet introduces child-free cabins Kargo Kids

Those that have navigated the sign off process often plump for more cost-effective Photoshop and social campaign some notable examples are from airline Emirates, including their beautiful Sky Lounge campaign, and their onboard swimming pool.



It is clear April Fool campaigns can bring a brand to life, help with brand recognition and potentially deliver some viral content for organisations. This year I welcome all the tomfoolery travel companies can bring to the table and look to share a laugh as we help the travel industry recover and continue to bring smiles to travellers around the globe.

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