The Benefits of Using a Management Information System for Your Business Travel

Meon Analytix - The Benefits of Using a Management Information System for Your Business Travel

Keeping track of your business travel spend can be a time-consuming process. By using a Management Information system to analyse your expenditure you can quickly and easily manage your spend, budgets and analyse trends and savings.

At Meon Valley Travel we use Meon Analytix which allows you to analyse your business travel transactions in numerous ways in almost real time – all the data is accurate as of midnight the day before.

Generate Real-time Reports Simply

User friendly design and easy to use in-depth reporting

The real benefit of using a system such as Meon Analytix lies in its flexibility, as there are numerous user-friendly and stylish reports which you can have customised for your personal dashboard.

Instead of spending all your time developing reports from scratch, by using a Management Information System, such as Meon Analytix, you can simply share real data with other members of your team, management, or even global HQ.

Track your real expenditure either globally or locally, sub-divided into departments or individual employees. The system is totally flexible and can be adapted for anyone from the CEO to individual budget holders, so everyone benefits from using a Management Information System.

Reports can be created from global expenditure to individual transactions so that you can focus on both the wood and the trees.

Travel Management Information Systems help to keep employees safe and avoid breaches of policy

Breach of Company Policy

Meon Analytix also can help you identify any breaches in company policy. Simply provide your guidelines and these will be fed into the system and flag any breach of protocol. Of course there might be very good reasons for veering away from policy on an individual basis, such as that last minute trip to Paris to secure a vital deal, but Meon Analytix will identify repeat offenders.

You can also determine departments adhering to company policy most, and reward them for their sterling work.

Interact Seamlessly

As reports are generated into editable .pdf and excel files, managers can interrogate the information supplied and flag up comments for further information to be supplied, or suggest alterations. It really is as simple as posting a virtual sticky note on someone’s computer.

Nor do you have to be the size of IBM or Apple to gain from using a Management Information System to control your business travel expenditure. Whatever the size of your business, you can benefit from the simplicity and cost savings of using a system such as Meon Analytix, which allows you to focus on your real business.

If you want further information on how Meon Analytix can benefit your business, simply contact one of our professional business travel advisors today and we can start simplifying your travel plans now.

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