Sustainability, Carbon Offsetting and Business Travel

Tracey Edwards
Tracey Edwards
Last Updated: 21 April 2022


Trees4Travel was conceived out of a growing scepticism for the traditionally somewhat ‘smoke and mirrors’ business of carbon offsetting.

With careers spent crisscrossing the globe on business, Trees4Travel’s founders, Nico and Elkie Nicholas, had increasingly troubled consciences regarding their own carbon imprint on the world and felt a need to dig deeper into the research behind carbon offset and what was really going on. They wanted to better understand the technology choices versus the natural opportunities to capture carbon.  

They spoke with the scientists and those working on environmental projects to understand better what the possibilities for genuine COoffset could be, and how they could develop a more carbon positive lifestyle, not only for themselves, but for all business and leisure travellers.  

It quickly became evident that Mother Nature still knows best, and trees are still absolutely our first and most impactful line of defence against air pollution. From this knowledge, Trees4Travel was born.


Trees4Travel works in a very transparent way, its watchwords are Simple. Tangible. Inexpensive.  Their remit is to rebalance travel by the planting of indigenous trees, through validated planting schemes and to rewild the planet.

Trees4Travel offers clients of Meon Valley Travel a clear and informative online platform that calculates trees required to offset a trip, the means to simply purchase them, (for the price of a cup of coffee) and then mapping and graphs to follow their saplings’ progress and watch their carbon ‘balance’ reduce. 

Trees4Travel only supports planting schemes it can monitor through its own specialist team and only works with projects it has validated.

In addition, in partnership with Meon Valley Travel, Trees4Travel can supply ‘what if’ scenarios for clients, to audit previous travel carbon and demonstrate opportunities for more carbon positive planning ahead of future travel. 



With the UN backed Trillion Tree Campaign the world has a set of calculations that demonstrates how, what and where we need to plant across the globe in order to make a staggeringly positive impact on COcapture and its impact on climate, as well as the livelihoods that rely on a healthy planet.  

Calculations undertaken by the Crowther Lab estimate there are 900 million hectares of treeless land across the planet capable of accommodating 1.2 TN native sapling trees without impacting on existing agricultural or urban areas. The campaign insists upon only indigenous planting and trees that are left for their lifetime, thus repairing the biodiversity below the canopy and sucking trillions of tons of atmospheric carbon (potentially up to two thirds of all) into it.  Trees4Travel is a proud part of the Trillion Trees Campaign. 

Trees4Travel plant indigenous tree species to maximise biodiversity and restore natural ecosystems, above British Columbia


 Alongside, but never instead of tree planting, Trees4Travel is also able to offer Certified Carbon Units for larger corporations. Trees4Travel has also recently begun working with governments in developing countries, to help them transition away from their reliance on fossil fuels and into renewables that make sense to their geography and natural assets, including solar and wind power.


 Trees4Travel and Meon Valley Travel have created their partnership to enable the world to go on travelling, to meet in person, to experience different cultures and to learn new and more productive ways to do business in a way that can, with time and the participation of Meon Valley Travel clients, create a more climate positive future for all of us.

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