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Julian Munsey
Julian Munsey
Last Updated: 4 May 2021

Following on from our last post, Return to Travel – Global Travel Taskforce Report Released, we are eagerly awaiting the final detail of the proposed traffic light scheme along with which countries will fall into the respective bandings.

In recent days the Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP and Transport Secretary, has confirmed that the Covid situation in the UK is currently meeting targets to allow for the planned resumption of non-essential international travel from 17 May.

In the same announcement, Shapps confirmed that an NHS application is being developed as a proof of vaccination and testing. Work is also being completed to ensure the app is internationally recognised.

We expect an announcement to be made during the first two weeks of May confirming the final details on the traffic light scheme. Being pragmatic, by leaving this announcement as late as possible it will ensure the framework can be set around the most current and relevant data. We also hope that further information on the app will be provided at this time too.

In anticipation of this information, and the resumption of travel from 17 May, we are running a virtual event to help businesses looking to return to travel.

During the two hour long #ReturnToTravel virtual event, we will be running workshops covering four key topics including –

Return To Travel Topics


Both topics have been subject to near-constant speculation by the mainstream media. In this session, we will provide the latest relevant guidance and practical advice to help you remobilise your travellers.


Currently, there is a once in a lifetime opportunity to put sustainability firmly at the heart of a travel programme. Nico Nicholas from Trees4Travel will explain what can be done to meet this challenge and how you can offset all travel-related emissions.


Since Brexit, all but non-essential travel has been prohibited due to the pandemic. When travel does re-start there may now be unforeseen visa implications when travelling to Europe. In this session, our partner CIBTVisas will seek to demystify the grey world of travel visas.


Carolyn Pearson from Maiden Voyage, the leading name in inclusive traveller safety, will provide an overview of the practical steps that can be taken to ensure diversity, equality and inclusion form part of the bedrock of your travel programme and policy.


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