Food Case Study

Savouring Savings – How Meon Valley Travel revolutionised travel costs for food champions.

We didn’t just save costs; we transformed travel from an unpredictable sea to a navigable ocean of opportunities for our food partner. Smooth sailing and savings, that’s the new recipe for success.


In the wake of the pandemic, a recently onboarded medium-sized food client faced a turbulent reality – rising travel costs threatening to devour their bottom line. As the skies opened up, so did expenses, and concern loomed over how to navigate this new economic landscape.


We kicked off by implementing a robust Travel Policy and approval process, ensuring every journey aligned with budgetary goals. Casting a wider net, we increased the pool of vendors for air and rail, providing our clients with more choices and lower rates to combat escalating costs.

The piece de resistance? A customised reporting suite, tailoring insights to our client’s unique needs, empowering them to navigate the travel landscape with newfound clarity and control.

£50K in savings

Over 7% reduction in travel spend


Approval Powerhouse

The introduction of a Travel Policy and approval process empowered our client with a structured mechanism, ensuring that every journey was purposful and in budget.

Versatile Vendors

Expanding the vendor landscape for air and rail didn’t just increase choices; it provided our client with previously unavailable options and rates, ultimately translating into substantial savings.

Insightful Navigation

The tailored reporting suite became the compass guiding our client through the sea of data, offering insights that were not just informative but transformative, enabling them to make decisions that counted.

Case Studies

RS Components

Maximising their travel budget with the use of corporate reward miles and benefits from payment solutions.


Improved productivity by adopting a travel management system which reduced data input by 80%.


We not only help Goodwood with their travel needs, but also, that of their partners and sponsors.

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