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James Beagrie
James Beagrie
Last Updated: 17 February 2023

We were delighted with the response to our survey in December and I want to thank you for participating whilst appreciating you have many other work pressures to juggle!

Whilst there is inevitably work to do to push our service to even better heights, we refuse to be complacent nevertheless and I am pleased to furnish the highlights from those results as promised together with the resultant opportunities and initiatives embraced for the New Year.

Where we got it right, we were hugely comforted by the following:-

  • 70% of clients prefer to book online through our new Atriis self-booking tool giving direct access, an intuitive user experience, and optimised value
  • 90% of the remaining 30% prefer to book via email enjoying current turnaround times of just over one-hour average
  • 97% of those who chose to speak with our team ranked us 5* for friendly and efficient service… Well done team!
  • When you do contact us, we doggedly resolve 100% of all enquiries 

Our favourite comment received (and thank you if it was you)…

“You are amazing, always so helpful and efficient. I couldn’t do my job without you and the rest of the team…”

Far be it from us to miss the opportunity to update you with the latest key initiatives from Meon. It has to be acknowledged that the travel industry’s first contact with the travelling customer post-COVID was less than perfect, through every element of the travel ecosystem. I am pleased to report our having hit the ground running and commitment still to addressing that 3% shortfall from perfection.

I am greatly comforted that we’ve been able to fulfill our role to best effect in mitigating the impact of any service failures from the supply chain as a whole, thereby restoring yours and our faith in the justifications for using a professional travel management company in the first place.

Already engaged for 2023 and reinforced as a consequence of the survey, I am pleased to confirm the following initiatives:-

  1. The wholesale change of all Meon self-booking clients to the Atriis online booking tool given its wider reach, best pricing, enhanced functionality, greater automation, and ease of use
  2. The availability of leisure travel consultants at the disposal of our business travel community accessed via InstagramFacebookTikTok, and WhatsApp. When you need a holiday, for so many reasons we are the best place to book it
  3. The enhanced professional services of the Meon Concierge Desk for all things travel where we can add value and mitigate frustration
  4. Implementation of our new finance administration systems automating invoicing and administrative process so our competitive edge and price match guarantees make even more sense where others fail
  5. Our privileged closer working partnership with American Express, MasterCard, and BA for enhanced service and virtual card optimisation, changing process, and cutting admin for both you and us
  6. Meon’s multinational reach has been enhanced by our new multicurrency capabilities in both Euro and US Dollars for our Emergency Medical Assistance clients now extending to those Corporates with overseas offices requiring a UK support hub
  7. Newly enhanced multichannel multicurrency data and security with the upgraded Meon Analytix platform supporting Duty of Care, Best Buying practice, and new Environmental credentials, and finally…
  8. Love Meon – Standing for ‘Lots Of Valuable Extras’ and the all-new provision of added value that Meon brings to your bookers and your FD to ensure their overall satisfaction with our best price guarantee.

Whilst we are nervous to be self-congratulatory as there’s still plenty for us to do, we are nevertheless delighted to see 89% of customers happy to recommend our services. With that in mind, we are introducing a client referral scheme where you can receive £250 in Love2Shop Vouchers or £350 off your next holiday, simply by recommending us. If this is something you feel happy to gift then we would be delighted to support your faith in us and we won’t let you down.

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