Cheaper, Faster, Easier Business Travel

Empower your employees to book trips, manage expenses, and stay connected – All without ever leaving Microsoft Teams!

Tired of jumping between a million apps just to book a business trip?

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to book a flight, but you have to log in to one app to search for flights, another app to book the hotel, and yet another app to reserve a rental car. It’s a total hassle!


Introducing our Online Booking Tool - your one-stop shop for business travel!

Our Online Booking Platform has a handy tool that lets you book everything you need for your business trip right from Microsoft Teams. That’s right, no more jumping back and forth between apps! With Meon, you can:

  • Search, compare, and book flights, hotels, and rental cars
  • Collaborate with your team on trip details
  • Manage your travel expenses

All without ever leaving Microsoft Teams!

Save Time and Money

Imagine how much time you could save by not having to log in to multiple apps just to book a business trip. With Cytric Easy, you can do everything in one place. Plus, Cytric Easy helps you stay on budget by letting you track your travel expenses.