No More Receipt Headaches! Effortless Expense Management

Streamline Expenses, Slash Costs & Save Time on Business Travel

Ditch the Paper Chase, Save Those Rainforests!

No more hunting for crumpled receipts in your bag! Our mobile app lets you snap a picture of your receipt with your phone, and bam! It automatically adds the details, links it to your trip, and creates an expense report.

Say goodbye to lost receipts and manual filing. Meon keeps everything digital, saving you time and stress.

Tired of Drowning in Receipts and Expense Reports?

Use our mobile app to submit, review, approve, or reject reports from anywhere in the world. No more hunting down signatures or waiting for colleagues to get back to the office.

Streamline Audits & Save Time

We help you audit faster and smarter, saving you and your team precious time. Here’s how:

  • Visualise Everything: Dedicated dashboards give you a clear picture of your audits at a glance.
  • Automate the Mundane: Skip tedious tasks! We handle per diems, tax calculations, and even mileage based on maps – all to keep you compliant without the paperwork.
  • Flexibility is Key: Whether you prefer pre-built workflows or want to customise your own, Meon adapts to your needs.

Focus on what matters most – uncovering insights and fighting fraud. Meon takes care of the rest.

Get Your Team Back on the Road, Faster

Say goodbye to paperwork delays! Our Expense add-on integrates seamlessly with your existing accounting software (ERP). This means automatic export of expense reports at your chosen frequency, file format and data detail. Less time spent chasing paperwork by finance teams translates to faster reimbursements for your travelling employees. Win-win!