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Since the creation of the first Travelodge in San Diego in 1940 budget hotels have a well-established business travel market. More recently the development of Whitbread’s purchase of “Premier Lodge” and “Travel Inn” in 2004 to create Premier Travel Inn has seen the chain grow market share from independent hoteliers. Budget hotels have been a great enabler for organisations to cost-effectively manage travel expenses. In recent years, the proactive nature of Whitbread, has meant that Premier Travel Inn (PTI) has been working more closely with agencies like Meon Valley Travel to develop a real partnership making booking tools more user-friendly to ensure business customers get a hassle-free booking.

New ‘Zip’ hotel from Premier Inn

The term ‘budget hotel’ was created as the hotel equivalent to “low-cost airlines” for flights, meaning that the hotel would provide the basic facilities and amenities, usually aimed as business travellers who just need a bed and breakfast on a tight budget or families needing to overnight en-route somewhere. However, PTI has invested greatly to increase their portfolio to make them the UK’s largest hotel brand with over 72,000 rooms in 800+ hotels, as well as having properties in Ireland, UAE, Qatar and Germany. 

One of the USP’s of the Premier Inn story is the consistency of uniform product and service offering in each of there properties, meaning you know exactly what you are going to get from each and every hotel. Also their continuing focus on the traveller experience from being able to buy their beds, regular upgrades to their portfolio of properties and even the introduction of two new sub-brands.

Smaller more compact ‘Zip’ and ‘Hub’ rooms

‘Hub’ by Premier Inn is a city centre product with in-room technology such as tablets, and ‘Zip’ by Premier Inn has lower prices with some rooms not having windows. There is a simplified food and drink service and you can now even rent a car parking space at the property, should you work nearby. It’s also clear that the PTI chain has been actively seeking out solutions for traveller safety amidst COVID-19.

Premier Inn similar to Hilton’s Clean Stay Initiative has developed enhanced hygiene promise that we call Premier Inn CleanProtect. You can watch more in their video below.

This focus and attention on the client experience has led to a closer working relationship with travel management companies of which Meon Valley Travel is delighted to be one. With seamless, direct access into the PTI reservation system alongside price parity on the cheapest rooms types will mean this relationship will go from strength to strength.

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