Impress Your Boss Series – Earn free travel credit and win new leads

Impress your boss - Earn Travel Credit

1. Earn Free travel credit by referring a business

Referral schemes can be a quick way to earn vouchers or credit. In this article, we’ll show how quick and easy it is to start earning travel credit for your company. You will earn credit literally and figuratively, gaining praise from your boss for showing initiative.

It’s as easy as copy and paste to start building referral credits.

Referring is easy…

Referring companies to Meon Valley Travel is as easy as sending an email introducing us to them, and that’s it. We will carry on the conversation, see if there is potential to work together and if they proceed, we will start the credit rolling on to your account T&Cs apply. There is also no limit to the credit scheme so if you refer 10 or 100 people the credit keeps rolling in. Here’s an example email you can use to start making referrals:

Email or CC: [email protected] into your email

Hello <<insert name>>

I hope you and the family are well! I thought of you the other day when talking about travel management to James Beagrie, he works for Meon Valley Travel and I think he could probably save your company some money and stress for your travel expenses for hotels, rental cars, flights etc.

They produce monthly reports on savings, are technology agnostic, in that they can tie into use any system you’ve currently got, and they make my life a lot easier than managing it all myself.

Anyway have a chat, he might be able to save you some money.

All the best

<<your name>>

2. Don’t just build LinkedIn connections talk to them…

People that you know are more likely to respond to your emails. Utilise this by talking to them about things you have in common, see if there’s some common ground before you try and get your pitch into the message. There’s no rush. Talk to them about things that might start the conversation.

Below is an example of one that came through to our marketing manager that started a conversation.

An example of a more engaging LinkedIn message:

3. Go through your LinkedIn connections systematically

Did you know you can export your connections and contacts through LinkedIn? This LinkedIn article from Erin Booth provides a walkthrough which you may find helpful.

4. Export From Contacts

It’s often said persistence pays off, well perhaps the lead that got away is still in your Outlook contacts. You can export your Outlook contacts and get back in touch.

Exporting your contacts through Outlook can open up forgotten leads.

Do You Have A Top Travel Tip?

Travelling for work can be challenging. Share your top hacks with fellow travellers.

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