Hire a Safe Space for Your Travel

Hire a Safe Space for Your Travel-Meon-Valley-Travel

In the face of COVID-19, those who need to undertake essential travel are dealing with an increased stress load – but maybe hiring a car can ease that a little. There are several aspects of hiring a car, including some that have been brought in specifically as a way to combat the spread of COVID-19, that make it a top choice for essential travel.

Hire a Safe Space for Your Travel-Meon-Valley-Travel
Hire a Safe Space for Your Travel – Meon Valley Travel

Cleaned After Each Use

There is no other form of publicly available transport that is fully cleaned and disinfected each time one traveller leaves it and another is about to enter.

Buses and trains are cleaned daily, sometimes more than once, but there are steady streams of people coming and going, and viral contamination is a real risk. Even airplanes, that are cleaned between each trip, are difficult to cover with the same degree of thoroughness that can be achieved by hire car companies. Add to this the number of people who pass through each of these, and the risk rises exponentially.

Step into a hire car from a reputable company though, and you know you’re stepping into a space that has been prepared with your individual safety and confidence in mind.

Enhanced Cleaning Protocols

Anyone who has regularly hired a car knows that they are cleaned between each use – but sometimes this is done better than others. A little miss here and there, under normal circumstances, is not a big deal. Now, however, a thorough cleaning and disinfecting of each vehicle is essential to customer safety.

In response to this reality, car hire companies (like Hertz, Europcar and Enterprise for example) have implemented cleaning procedures that go well beyond the norm and include full disinfecting of each car between customers. Europcar even seals disinfected keys in plastic, to ensure they are safe for incoming customers.

This process can sometimes take twice as long as a regular cleaning, which can slow the rate of turnaround in some cases, but this is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Touchless Pickup

Another benefit of using hire cars is the ease of transfer from other modes of travel.

Arrive at an airport for your Hertz hire, for example, take a short ride on a regularly cleaned shuttle if necessary, and from there onward you are able to maintain a safe physical distance.

Cars are in the lot with keys in them, ready to go. Put your luggage in and head for the gate. You’ll have to show your licence as you leave, as proof of identity, but precautions are in place to prevent viral transfer.

You won’t have to interact with anyone else.

Contained Environment

Within your clean and disinfected hire car, you will be isolated from the general public, and secure in the knowledge that there, at least, you needn’t worry about masks and gloves and safe distances. Put on some music, set the air to the perfect temperature, and continue your journey in relaxed comfort.

Not Just for Business Travel

Though the main purpose of car hire has traditionally been transportation during business trips and holidays, recent recommendations are to avoid public transport in favour of walking, cycling, or driving your own vehicle.

Many people don’t own a car, are too far from their place of work to walk or cycle, but still want to avoid the riskier forms of travel.

For these, hiring a car for a longer term can be a great solution, and is often more economical than one would think. Before risking the train commute, or a crowded bus, contact one of the major car hire companies and check your options – a great option might be a few clicks away.

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